Callaway Epic Irons and Hybrids Revealed

Taking influence from the popular Epic drivers comes the new Callaway Epic irons and hybrids

Callaway Epic Irons and Hybrids Revealed

Callaway Epic Irons and Hybrids Revealed - The new Callaway Epic irons and hybrids are the product of an 'innovation without boundaries' project to make the best performing clubs possible

Callaway Epic Irons and Hybrids Revealed

Callaway has unveiled its most technologically advanced irons and hybrids ever with the launch of Epic and Epic Pro Irons and Epic Hybrids.

Created from the same DNA as the Great Big Bertha Epic Drivers, Callaway claim these products bring together ball speed, distance, forgiveness, accuracy, control and feel in equal measure.

Boasting a host of premium, precision-milled and robotically laser-welded components to give pin-point control over CG location, COR, MOI and vibration control, the Epic and Epic Pro Irons are the result of an exhaustive ‘innovation without boundaries’ R&D project involving 70 Callaway design and engineering specialists.

Callaway Epic irons

Chip Brewer, CEO, Callaway Golf, said: “A few years ago I challenged Dr Alan Hocknell, our Head of R&D, to design the very best Iron that he would play, seeking maximum performance without any limits to the cost or engineering process. Epic is that iron.”

At the heart of each head is a high-grade, lightweight and strong cast-steel Exo-Cage construction that stiffens the body, particularly in the top line and sole, allowing the face to take on more impact load, in turn generating faster ball speeds, more distance and enhanced performance.

Callaway Epic-iron-2

A next-generation 360 Face Cup – just 1mm thick at its thinnest point – is another key ingredient to unlocking extra yards throughout each set. Featuring an ultra-thin rim around the perimeter of the inner side of the face, at impact it flexes and rebounds to add ball speed on centre-hit shots, while minimising loss on off-centre strikes.

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The CG position in each head is precisely and individually managed via a new Metal Injection Moulded (MIM) process that utilises a dense, and heavy, tungsten powder baked into intricate Internal Standing Wave shapes that are unique to each iron.

This ground-breaking, industry-first process allows the CG to be exactly positioned from club-to-club, (in the 3- to 8-iron 30% of the total head weight is located in the Internal Standing Wave alone) making long irons easy launching and high flying, and shorter clubs more controllable.

Callaway Epic Pro irons

The Epic Pro Iron (above) benefits from all the technologies of the standard Epic Iron in a slightly smaller head, slimmer top line, and less offset to promote a premium forged-like feel and workability that better players desire, without any loss in performance.

The Epic Hybrids borrow the proprietary Triaxial Carbon Composite technology from the Great Big Bertha Epic and Epic Sub Zero Drivers, making the crown on the Epic Hybrids the thinnest and lightest material (weighing just 5g) Callaway has ever used.

Callaway Epic hybrids

This substantial weight saving is then re-distributed into strategic locations within the ultra-premium body frame to dramatically increase MOI and lower the CG, making the Epic Hybrids powerful, forgiving, accurate and easy to launch.

Distance comes from the 455 Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup Technology. The thin and flexible rim around the inner side of the face flexes and releases more uniformly and efficiently at impact, increasing ball speed across the face, especially towards the bottom, where most miss-hits occur.

Callaway Epic hybrid 2

Mirroring technology in Epic Irons, a Metal Injection Moulded (MIM) process that utilises a dense and heavy tungsten powder, 1.8 times heavier than steel, creates intricate 35g Internal Standing Wave shapes that are precisely and robotically laser-welded into each head. This helps maximise MOI of the hybrid and, with CG positioned extremely low and deep in the head, increases its forgiveness and power.

Specifications & Availability The Callaway Epic Irons are available in 3-PW with Rifle Project X LZ 95 steel shafts or UST Mamiya Recoil 760/780 EX graphite shafts, and Golf Pride New Decade Platinum grips. The Epic Pro Irons are available in 3-PW with Rifle Project X LZ 105 steel shafts. Both have an RRP of £1,799.

The Callaway Epic Hybrids are available in 2H (18˚), 3H (20˚), 4H (23˚) and 5H (26˚), with an RRP of £279. They come fitted with UST’s new ion-plated Recoil 760/780 ES graphite shaft, which is engineered to promote great feel, long distance and tight dispersion.

Both the Epic irons and hybrids will go on sale from June 16th, 2017.