The complete line up of Callaway 2015 golf shoes has been uncovered, including the brand's X Series range

The complete line up of Callaway 2015 golf shoes has been uncovered, including the brand’s X Series range.

X Series is joined by All Day and Chev footwear families, alongside a woman’s Sky line.

Some of the key technologies include an Xfer Platform, Superfeet insoles and Vibram outsoles.

Xfer is designed to minimise energy loss, thus delivering improved power and control. It focuses on three areas – alignment, stability and traction.

Superfeet insoles align feet, legs, knees and hips for a more solid and balanced stance, while Vibram outsoles bring extreme traction materials often found in hiking boots.

Callaway 2015 golf shoes:
X Series:
There are five shoes on offer in the X Series, including the flagship Xfer Pro, which utilises numerous Xfer technologies to boost traction, stability and strength.
The X Nitro, a popular tour shoe in 2014, has been improved with the addition of 3D comfort insoles, full-grain leather uppers and a lightweight TPU sole.The X Series range also includes the Apex Tour, Xfer Vibe and XFer Sport. Prices range from £79.99 to £169.99.
All Day:
The All Day collection is comprised of five models, most notably three Del Mar shoes.The Del Mar Zephyr is a premium leather shoe featuring Xfer traction. It’s spikeless and the lightest shoe in the men’s line, weighing 20% less than previous Del Mar model.The Del Mar Sport, meanwhile, is an improvement on Callaway’s best-selling spikeless shoe, boasting a new outsole, a wider platform than the Zefyr and full-grain tumbled leather uppers.All Day golf shoes range from £59.99 – £129.99.

Elsewhere, the Chev Series is headlined by the Oxygen shoe (£69.99), which features an improved storm guard and a 3D breathable breeze air mesh.

Finally, the Sky Series is comprised of five shoe models with RRPs between £49.99 and £74.99.

“We have approached the design of our 2015 shoe range in exactly the same fashion as we would our hardware, and focused on creating products that genuinely enhance performance,” said Duncan Patmore, Callaway’s European Footwear Manager.

“Last year, Callaway saw a 50% growth in footwear sales compared to 2013, and we expect to see similar growth in 2015.”

The complete 2015 range features 18 different shoe models available in a number of different colour schemes.