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The Cobra L5V driver was billed as longer and straighter than ever before, when released last year, and I was keen to see if it would work for me

Cobra L5V driver

The Cobra L5V driver made a big impact when it was released last year. Billed as longer and straighter than ever before, and featuring the most forgiving club face in golf, I was keen to see if it could work for me.

In simple terms, the Cobra L5V is big. The 460cc club head is as big as it gets. For some this would not be particularly aesthetic, but as an 18-handicapper looks are no longer a priority.

Performance-wise, on the standard face setting (0), I found that it was genuinely hard not to hit the ball straighter. Despite a slight fade (undoubtedly not club related), I still have the increased draw (1) setting to experiment with. Even with the fade's lost yardage, I was reaching 250 yards. Therefore, in the hands of a more accomplished golfer, I would class this driver as long.

The one negative, immediately apparent, was the sound. It's hard to be disappointed when you’re striking the ball well, but for ‘sound’ golfers, the Cobra L5V could be off-putting. The feedback I got, even on a good strike, made me think "bad contact". However, it soon became apparent that the hollow sound was the norm.

That said, the Cobra L5V driver was most certainly effective. I shall persevere. Only when I have a higher level of skill, and a lower handicap, will I really consider the sound a problem.   Where next? Equipment review: Cobra L5V driver review Gallery: Cobra L5V pictures Video review: Cobra L5V video test New equipment: Cobra S9-1 driver and Cobra S9-1 fairway woods

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