Pinnacle introduces Gold and Bling golf ball models

Pinnacle has announced the launch of the Gold, Gold Lady and Bling golf ball models, with the promise of increased distance and softer feel.

The new models will be available to purchase from November 1, 2013.

Pinnacle’s Gold balls feature a high-velocity, softer-compression core that facilitates increased distance and a more consistent flight.

The new core, and a soft ionomer cover blend, also produce a softer feel, particularly on shots around the green.

The new Pinnacle Bling ball – featuring an updated palette of vibrant High Optix colours – is designed for those looking to bring more colour and power to their games.

High Optix Pinnacle technology also improves golf ball tracking by providing ultrahigh visibility against green and blue shades typically found on the golf course.

“Golfers love the powerful distance they get from any Pinnacle ball,” said Michael Mahoney, Director of Golf Ball Product Management, Acushnet Company.

“When we asked those golfers what improvements they’d like to see, they wanted the same outstanding distance with even softer feel.

“That was our design goal, and it’s what R&D has delivered in the new Pinnacle Golf models.”

Pinnacle Gold is offered in Bright White and High Optix Yellow, and Pinnacle Gold Lady is available in Bright White.

Pinnacle Bling balls are available in multi-colour – High Optix White (play number one), Pink (2), Yellow (3) and Orange (4).

Pinnacle Gold and Gold Ribbon balls come with a RRP of £13.80 per dozen, while Pinnacle Bling has a RRP of £17 per dozen.