COBRA Golf has announced the new COBRA Design Lab, an interactive customization site that gives golfers the opportunity to design their own BiO CELL+ Driver

COBRA Golf has launched the new COBRA Design Lab, an online, interactive customization site that allows golfers to design their own BiO CELL+ Driver, with preferred colour choices, patterns and specs.

The process begins with the selection of a driver head colour in black or white.

Following this, golfers can choose paint colour and crown colour and if desired, a pattern.

Finally players will select the shaft, flex and grip colour. The final result can be a truly unique driver that fits to the individual’s game and style.

Director of Product Marketing at COBRA Golf, Jose Miraflor, said: “At COBRA Golf, we create high-performing products for golfers who are looking for the ultimate blend of style and performance on the golf course”.

“Golfers now have the opportunity to showcase their personality through colour and unique designs while still outdriving their competition with their BiO CELL+ Driver.”

The BiO CELL + Driver can be designed using one of eight colours and, if desired, using one of four patterns –BioCell, DigiCamo, Matte or Marble.

The driver is customizable in RH men’s models and features a COBRA Lamkin – ACE 3GEN 360 grip that also comes in eight colors.

A Matrix Red-Tie 6Q3 shaft in x-stiff, stiff and regular flex can also be selected for the driver.

Golfers can also choose from one of two custom shaft options at no upcharge – the Diamana D+ 72 or the PXV Tour 52, or select from additional premium shafts at an increased price.

The BiO CELL+ Driver features COBRA’s MyFly8 adjustable loft technology, meaning golfers can adjust to eight different loft/trajectory settings to get the most out of their swing, regardless of the course and conditions.

BiO CELL pockets, combined with COBRA’s proprietary E9 Face technology, remove weight from the face of the driver to deliver a larger sweet zone with faster ball speeds for longer and straighter drives.

The driver uses a lightweight Venollum alloy in the crown to reduce weight and deliver maximum distance.

This service is currently only available in the USA.