What Are BOA Golf Shoes?

We take a look at what BOA golf shoes are and how they can benefit your game

What Are BOA Golf Shoes
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What Are BOA Golf Shoes? 

Most golf shoe manufacturers now offer golfers a BOA version of their best golf shoes, giving us even more choice when it comes to finding the right golf shoe for our game. But what exactly is the BOA fit system and why should you consider it for your next pair of golf shoes? 

Put simply, the BOA fit system is an alternative way of tightening the golf shoe over traditional laces. While the BOA fit system is unique for each shoe it is implemented on, it always contains three key parts: a micro adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces and low friction lace guides. The adjustable dial is the most visible part of the BOA technology and also the part users interact with most on the shoe. On all the different iterations of BOA design, this dial is used in a simple push/pull system (push to engage the laces and pull to release) as well as a simple tightening and loosening system. Tightening the lightweight laces evenly pulls across the instep, closing in the shoe collar and drawing the foot down and back into the heel for a secure fit. 

Why would I choose BOA over traditional laces?

ecco biom g5 shoe review

The Ecco Biom G5 spiked golf shoe is one of the most recent examples of the BOA fit system on a golf shoe. 

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There are a number of reasons why you might want to go for a BOA golf shoe over one with traditional laces. Firstly, it is much quicker to get your shoes on and off and it's also much easier to change how loose or tight the fit of your shoe is mid-round thanks to the easy access dial. Another big benefit is durability. Indeed while traditional fabric laces can get dirty, wear and fray over time, the BOA fitting system lasts significantly longer with the laces being far more durable that traditional laces. The strong and lightweight nature of the BOA lace material means that, in theory, they should last a lifetime. 

However, the main benefit of a BOA lace system is that it provides an even more exacting fit than traditionally laced shoes. The theory behind the BOA fit system that has made it so successful is that even the same sized foot requires a different kind of fit from a golf shoe. For example, two people who are both traditionally a size 8 in shoes may have different shaped feet that require extra support in different areas. 

With a BOA lace system, the areas of the foot where some golfers might need more support can be catered too when the shoe is tightened. Alternatively, if you have wide feet, the BOA system can be used to keep the shoe supportive but looser around the areas of your feet with extra width. In short, having a BOA fit system on your golf shoe allows to you customize your fit to a much more precise feel than traditional laces.  Whereas traditional laces only really offer one level of 'tightness', BOA golf shoes are a lot more nuanced. With golf shoes being the only thing that connect your body to the ground during the golf swing, it's important you have a shoe with the best fit possible. 

Best BOA Golf Shoes

FootJoy Hyperflex BOA golf shoe

The FootJoy Hyperflex is another great example of a BOA golf shoe. 

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The BOA fit system has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Some of our favourite examples of the system in use on golf shoes are in the FootJoy Hyperflex, Ecco Biom G5, and FootJoy Alpha Tour Double BOA. All of these shoes are great examples of why BOA golf shoes are a great option by providing lots of stability in the swing and the ability to customize the exact fit of the shoe. BOA shoes can be found in the best spiked shoes and best spikeless golf shoes too, so there's plenty of choice when it comes to the type of grip and style you want. 

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