We take a look at who the tall Frenchman is currently going out with

Who Is Victor Perez’s Girlfriend?

Victor Perez has been climbing the golfing ladder for a number of years now and for a long time he has had the same girlfriend by his side, but who is she? Let’s take a look below.

Who Is Victor Perez’s Girlfriend?

Victor Perez is currently going out with Abigail Gliksten and we believe they currently live together in Dundee.

Perez moved to Dundee a while ago now when Gliksten was studying dentistry there, and after winning the 2019 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, he cited the move as a big factor to his success.

After his win he said;

“I’ve been in Dundee for a year and a half. There were a number of reasons why I came here. The culture of golf in Scotland should make almost every golfer want to come here. It’s great because the people here live golf and have so much passion for the game. You see people going to gas stations with a golf bag. You never see that in France.

“Golf is my life and I felt I needed to be around a culture that would cherish that, rather than being in France.

“I felt to perform in golf it was better to come here.”

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Gliksten, actually born in Sydney, Australia, has lived most of her life in Scotland.

She competed in Miss Universe Great Britain 2020 which took place in March 2021 after it was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. She managed to get to the final 19 people nominated for the award but unfortunately did not finish in one of the top-3 positions.

As we mentioned above, Gliksten studied a five-year dental degree and this was after she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in anatomy and physiology. In the past she has said she is fascinated by the complexity of the human body and she now currently works as a full-time dentist.

Currently she is also studying a masters in medical statistics from Oxford University.

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We are unsure how Perez and Gliksten met and when they first started going out, but we will update this page when we do.

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