It can sometimes be simpler to travel to the course by public transport, and for some people it is the only option - but how best to do it?

Fancy a game of golf but don’t have a car? No need to despair, many courses are accessible by public transport. Many club websites have details of how to get to them, and this includes information for golfers using public transport.

Indeed in London it can sometimes be simpler to travel to the course by public transport. There are a, perhaps surprising, number of courses within close distance of underground stations. We have even compiled a guide to those courses we reckon have their clubhouse within a mile’s walk of the nearest tube station.

But to play a round at one of these course still takes a bit of planning beyond having a quick shifty at the tube map or bus timetable.

This involves not just booking a tee time at those courses which require them, but also working out how to travel light.

If you are going to have to lug all your gear about buses and trains make is easier for yourself – and your fellow travellers – by taking as little as possible.

A jolly handy recent development in golf footwear is the golf street shoes. These are shoes with moulded souls designed to be worn on and of course. Pop a pair of these on your trotters and that negates the need to lug an extra pair of shoes around to change into at the course

Golf bags come in all sizes, from the tour bag which can accommodate a complete change of clothes, a medium-sized picnic and a spare kitchen sink, to the slimline pencil bag.

Pencil bags are great for space saving; not so great if you want to cram in all sorts of things beyond clubs, tees and balls. So check the weather forecast – do you need to bring a set of waterproofs, a change of socks, and a just-in-case jumper?

If so, maybe a pencil bag is not for you, but a lightweight slimline stand bag is the answer.