The 14-time major winner looks to be doing well, posting this picture on social media with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez

Tiger Woods Meets Messi And Suarez

Are Barcelona about to make a new star signing?

Tiger Woods has been out-and-about, attending the Classico between Barcelona and Real Madrid in Miami.

The Catalan club came through 3-2 in the friendly, and Tiger Woods looked to be pleased.

Here he is, in his Barca shirt, alongside his kids, their friends, and Barcelona star players Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

Rumour has it he had ‘TIGER 14’ on the back…

The 14-time major winner told the world how he had made progress after completing a programme to manage his medication earlier this month, he seemed to be in good spirits with his children at the football, or ‘soccer’.

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Woods, who rarely tweets, tweeted this slightly random picture of his new pool table last month.

Woods underwent another back surgery in April, which we understood would take at least six months to heal.

He then had a private intensive program to apparently tackle an over-reliance on his back medication.

Will we see him back? Who knows. All we can say is that it’s nice to see him happy and spending time with his children.

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