In this piece we take a look at who coaches Bryson DeChambeau.

Who Is Bryson DeChambeau’s Coach?

Bryson DeChambeau may be known as The Scientist and tends to play the game in his own distinctive way, but he has still had some guidance from coaches in the past. But who is his current coach? We take a look below.

Who Is Bryson DeChambeau’s Coach?

Right now a couple of people play a key role in DeChambeau’s career. The first person to mention is Mike Schy.

Owner of his own performance institute, Schy specialises in coaching college and junior players which is in all likelihood how he met Bryson who was a star college player at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Whilst there Bryson became only the fifth player to win the NCAA individual championship and the US Amateur in the same year.

Schy has worked with DeChambeau to create the swing we see today.

DeChambeau told Golf World; “After a couple of years of guidance from Mike, we came up with a single-plane swing from The Golfing Machine that’s called a ‘zero shifting motion’ more technically. I picked a certain specific set of variations for my components and made my golf swing what it is today.”

The Golfing Machine is a book written by Homer Kelley and DeChambeau has professed his love for the book on more than one occasion.

Additionally, Schy uses FlightScope a lot in his teaching due to the data and numbers created. He said; “FlightScope provides the necessary data that no one else gives you. They are always improving and making updates to their products, and are the most accurate and innovative in the industry.” This focus on data is surely one of the reasons why DeChambeau and Schy have got on so well so far.

Schy has also played the role of club fixer too. He helped grind down the shafts for Bryson to create his one-length irons and is also believed to have been the brains behind Bryson using larger grips than usual because it allowed him to hold the club with his palms and not his fingers.

Clubmaker David Edel, coach Mike Schy and DeChambeau (Getty Images)

Another person who plays a role is Chris Como. Speaking after his 2020 US Open win, Bryson; “Chris Como works really, really hard for me and helps me think through a lot of amazing things.

“Chris has been here for I’d say about — how long, three, four years. I’ve known him for seven years. And to be honest with you, he has done so many great things for me this past year, going through this body transformation, changing my whole golf swing, inspiring me to hit it farther, as far as I can, and he ultimately has allowed me to have the confidence to go forward with that thought process, go forward and attack it and not be fearful of it and try and gain speed and try and press the status quo.

So I’d be remiss to not say thank you for everything you’ve done, Chris. It’s been an amazing journey, and to many more for sure.”

Como has actually built his own biomechanics lab in his living room and Bryson is regularly hitting golf shots in there with the objective of obtaining more speed.

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