Ping has created some of the most innovative products seen in the golf industry, below we list 10 of their best...


10 Best Ping Clubs Of All Time

Ping is one of the most famous brands in golf and some of its products down the years have been truly innovative.

From the pioneering Anser putter to the Eye 2 irons and G2 driver, we list some of our favourite clubs through the years…

10 Best Ping Clubs Of All Time

Anser Putter

iconic golf equipment

No putter has more worldwide victories than the Ping Anser. Over the last 40 years this iconic design has notched up more than 500 wins on the major professional tours, and they’re still coming.

The idea for the Anser came to Karsten Solheim in a flash of inspiration. So sudden was the brainwave that he had to sketch the design on the nearest thing to hand: the dust jacket of a long-playing record.

The name came from Karsten’s wife Louise who suggested it was the “Answer” to putting. In order to fit the name on the back of the blade the W was left out, hence: Anser.

Eye 2 irons and wedge

Just like the Eye 2 driver, the Eye 2 irons and wedge has also achieved legendary status.

Incredibly, they’re still being used sparsely at golf clubs today despite being well over 20 years old.

The huge face and groove area may have even inspired Callaway’s Mack Daddy PM Grind and TaylorMade’s Milled Grind Hi-Toe.

Eye 2 Driver

Image: PGA Value Guide

The original Eye 2 driver came out in the early 80s and has achieved legendary status.

It’s not actually persimmon, in fact laminated maple.

G15 Irons


The G15 irons debuted Ping’s ‘Custom Tuning Port’ which allowed the face to be thinner, weight to be put in around the perimeter and the MOI to increase.

G2 Driver

Ping’s 2002 G2 driver was one of the first 460cc driver heads on the market and made waves on Tour and in the amateur game.

It was still in the bag for many players 10 years on and came with a great feel, unique sound and easy alignment.

Ping has carried on the ‘G’ series and their drivers are still some of the best on the market.

G400 Max Driver

Ping G400 Max Driver Unveiled

From the G2 all the way to the G400 Max… Ping’s latest driver may well be its best ever.

The G400 was excellent and the ‘Max’ version came out even better for us on test.

It went straight in the bag for Tony Finau who averaged over 315 yards with it in 2018

S55 Irons

The S55 irons came out in 2013 and were Ping’s first accomplished better player irons to get widespread use on tour and among low-handicap amateurs.

They were so good that many still play them and Bubba Watson only took them out of the bag in late 2018 after five years of using them.

TiSi Driver

The TiSi titanium driver first hit shelves in the late 90s and had a head size of 330cc.

It was said to be the longest driver in the world at the time, with players using it at the World Long Drive Championship.

Sigma 2 Putters

Ping Sigma 2 Putters Revealed

The Sigma 2 putters gave us a soft, pure and stable feel and we loved the ease of shaft-length adjustability, something unique in the putter market and important to get right.

Ping is an underrated player in the putter marker and the Sigma 2 range will surely have widespread appeal.

G Crossover

PING Crossover, Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2017

Hybrids bridged the gap between irons and fairway woods but Ping’s original G Crossover did this in a unique way.

The next generation, the G400 Crossover, improved upon the original too – a great club for people who don’t enjoy hitting long irons or hybrids but still wanted forgiveness.

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