How We Source Coupon Codes and How To Use Them

Everything you need to know about Golf Monthly coupon pages, including how we source coupons, how to use codes, and what to do if a code doesn't work.

We have a number of coupon pages here on Golf Monthly, with leading brands from across the industry covering clubs, balls, bags, clothing & accessories and more. Each page lists the latest codes & sales information to help you save on your next online order, including exclusive codes negotiated by our Commercial team. If you’re looking to understand more about Golf Monthly coupons, including how we source codes, how to use them, and how to get help if you have any issues, you can read a summary on this page.

How we source coupon codes

Golf Monthly has a dedicated Coupons team who keep our pages up to date with the latest codes & information. Using our affiliate networks, connections with brands, and the internet, the team tracks down new codes to add to our pages. Our commercial team also negotiates exclusive codes with retailers, which you’ll find alongside all you need to know about current sales, membership schemes, shipping & more.

How to use a coupon code

Using a coupon code is straightforward. First, choose one from the list on one of our pages and click the green button under the main text of your chosen offer. This will either read “Get Discount” or “Get Code”. This will open a pop-up box containing a different message depending on which kind of code you’ve chosen.

If you select an offer that reads “Get Code”, the pop-up box will display your code ready to be copied to your clipboard. This will need to be pasted into the promo code box at the checkout on the retailer website and you’ll need to click “Apply” in order to redeem your discount. If the button you clicked reads “Get Discount”, the box will instead read “No code needed” - your savings will already be applied to your order, and will be visible in the summary at the checkout screen.

For either kind of offer, a new tab will also be opened in your browser which will take you to the retailer’s website. From here, you can start shopping, adding items to your cart as you go. If you have chosen a specific offer, such as 5% off Golf Clubs, bear this in mind as you shop to ensure your discount is still applicable when you’re ready to order.

Once you’ve got everything you’d like to buy in your cart, click it to review your order and be taken to the checkout screen. Here, you should see any applied discounts in the order summary. Remember that if the button you clicked reads “Get Code”, your savings will not yet be applied - you will need to paste your code into the promotional code box, then click “Apply” to amend your order total.

Different sites place the promotional code field in different places, but it can almost always be found before you provide any payment information. This field may be a clearly labelled text box or a clickable area that needs expanding. Make sure you have pasted your code into the field and clicked “Apply” before you place your order.

What to do if a coupon code doesn’t work

Each and every code listed on Golf Monthly has been tested by our dedicated team before uploading. To ensure every offer is redeemable at all times, we check that codes are accepted at the checkout, and we don’t include any one-time use or user-specific codes. However, every now and then, codes may still not work as expected. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The best place to start is by checking the terms & conditions of the offer you’re trying to redeem. You’ll see some text that reads ‘See Terms & Conditions’ underneath the offer title & green button. If you click this, the Terms & Conditions area will expand to reveal any requirements you’ll need to meet. 

Conditions can include verification (i.e. verify with a college email address for a student discount), meeting a minimum spend (i.e. free shipping on orders over $40), or buying enough items for a multibuy offer (i.e. 3 items for the price of 2). If your offer includes any conditions, you may need to amend your order accordingly to qualify for your discount.

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of our team, a coupon can expire or be updated before we are able to reflect this on our pages. If you are still running into issues after you’ve checked any requirements, you can reach out to us via email. Get in touch at, providing as much information about the code you were using, which page it was listed on, and what went wrong, and a member of our team will reply as soon as possible to help.