How To Layer Up Properly On The Golf Course This Winter

Dan Parker takes a look at how to layer up properly on the golf course with the latest Puma apparel range

How To Layer Up
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How To Layer Up Properly On The Golf Course This Winter 

The autumn and winter months can get pretty cold and miserable weather wise, but that shouldn't mean we can't enjoy our favourite game to the fullest. The technology of golf clothing has come a long way in recent years and modern golf garments will allow you to enjoy the game in all seasons, keeping you warm and dry while allowing you to still play for best golf. 

For all the technology in the world though, it's all about how well you layer up as to how warm and dry you can stay on the course. Here, I'm going to take a deeper look at how to most effectively layer up on the golf course with five essential layers to use this winter. Let's not let the colder weather spoil our enjoyment of golf! 

WATCH: Dan Parker talks through how to layer up properly on the golf course, adding a new layer for each shot on the first hole at Peterborough Milton Golf Club

Base Layer and Polo Shirt

Dan Parker modelling Puma golf apparel on a golf course

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I think the base layers are a forgotten piece in the golf wardrobe that needs to be utilized more by golfers. If you don't like wearing too many layers on top of a polo shirt and mid-layer, the base layer is ideal for keeping your body temperature at just the right levels. The Puma Thermal base layer offers a skintight base layer with plenty of stretch to help maintain body heat and give flex for the golf swing. 

Polo shirts are self-explanatory really and these are a part of a golf outfit where I think you can really express yourself with your choices of color. It's good to have a few plain ones that can match any other parts of your wardrobe as well as a few bolder color choices too. 


Dan Parker wearing the Puma Progress golf hoodie on a golf course

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Next up is the all-important mid layer which can come in a few different styles. There's a classic quarter zip like the Puma Cloudspun or something like the Puma Progress hoodie you can me wearing above. The hoodie has especially come into fashion over the last couple of years and gives a great balance between a casual but sporty look on the golf course. Golf courses across the world have become a lot more relaxed with dress codes in recent years, and the hoodie has been welcomed by most golfers with open arms into modern golf fashion. 

The Puma Progress hoodie (which is a great name, by the way) is a great example of modern golf fashion. It has that on-course and off-course wearability thanks to the casual looks but is also made with really soft, warm fabric that makes it great against the elements. The hand pockets at the front are brilliant too and are a great place to keep your hands in between shots on a cold day while having the hood up keeps the chill off your ears. 


Dan Parker wearing the Puma WRMLBL golf vest on a golf course

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Vests, or gilets, have quickly become my go-to garment for autumnal and winter golf. A vest is ideal for when you need that extra layer of warmth but don't need the waterproof protection of a large jacket. The Puma Cloudspun WRMLBL Vest I'm wearing in the picture above is one of the best examples of a vest currently on the market. The front and back of this vest use Puma's Primaloft Gold Quilting which has thermal qualities as well as being windproof. The soft Cloudspun fabric going down the sides of the gilet not only offers a nice contrasting color, but the soft fabric is really warm. I'm lucky enough to have one in Black and Navy so can wear it with pretty much any outfit too. 

I tested the Puma WRMLBL Jacket last year which was equally good, but I still end up going back to the WRMLBL Vest every time the weather went cold as I loved the freedom it gave me in the swing. When you couple any vest with a good mid layer, it doesn't matter that it has no arms like a conventional jacket and that freedom in the swing feels fantastic. Couple it with the Puma Progress hoodie and I think it makes for a great look on the course. 


Dan Parker wearing a number of different accessories from the Puma golf autumn winter 23 golf collection

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The Cobra Puma apparel range has a myriad of accessories to keep you as warm as possible this winter and are often the final touches to a warm, effective golf outfit. Here you can see I'm wearing the Cobra Mittens, ideal for wearing in between shots to keep your hands warm. I've also got the Puma P Performance hat on, essential for when the wind gets up and you want to keep your ears warm - the Puma Performance Beanie is an option if you prefer that look too. All in all, accessories are an important final addition to any golfing outfit this winter. 


Puma Ultradry Waterproof Golf Jacket Review on a golf course

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It's vital to have a good waterproof jacket stowed away in your golf bag in case the heavens open on you mid-round. The Puma Ultradry Waterproof Jacket is one of the best waterproof jackets on the market right now. It's lightweight, well-fitted, and fully waterproof. It features two zippered hand pockets which help keep your hands or accessories dry and I love the pops of green along the zipper and Puma badge. 

I think the lightweight nature of this waterproof jacket is its standout feature. Often it'll be stowed away, ready for if the heavens open, in your bag so you don't want to it to be too bulky or heavy. Then, when you're wearing it, you don't feel overly encumbered by too much material. The Ultradry jacket also comes with a useful feature that allows you to adjust the cuffs of the wrist to an exacting size. 

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