Puma Ultradry Waterproof Golf Jacket Review

How does the Puma Ultradry jacket perform up against some of its more expensive counterparts?

Puma Ultradry Waterproof Golf Jacket Review on a golf course
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Lightweight, fully waterproof and breathable, this waterproof jacket ticks all the boxes from a practicality perspective. But for the slightly baggy sizing towards the bottom, this is an excellent jacket at a competitive price in the space.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Lightweight and breathable

  • +

    Zippered side pockets

  • +

    Adjustable cuffs on sleeves

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Boxy fit at the bottom of the jacket

Puma Ultradry Waterproof Golf Jacket Review

Having a reliable, lightweight, breathable and fashionable waterproof jacket is essential for golfers who regularly play in changeable conditions or winter weather. Finding the best waterproof jacket can be a tough task though with a busy market and a large range of price points to wade through. There's a fine line to tread when investing in one of these garments too. Too cheap and they can be heavy, sweaty messes. On the other side of the spectrum, not all of us want to spend $300 or more on one jacket - so how do you find the right balance? Introducing the Puma Ultradry Waterproof golf jacket, which sits nicely in the mid-range price point with plenty of features to boot. 

A golf swinging in the Puma Ultradry waterproof jacket

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I first tested this jacket on the golf course on an admittedly warm day, but I was pleasantly surprised with how breathable the material was, even in the all-black colorway. For me, this is the first sign of a good waterproof jacket as there is nothing worse than being protected by the rain from the outside, but quickly becoming a sweaty mess from the inside. For sure, the likes of the Galvin Green Angus Shakedry Jacket and the FootJoy HydroTour Jacket offer even more lightweight fabrics, but there's an extra cost to that. 

When I did finally get to test the jacket on a rainy day (the weather in the UK has been surprisingly dry this year), I am happy to report the Puma jacket passed with flying colors. The brand claim the jacket is water resistant to 10,000mm and while I luckily didn't encounter that much rain on the course, I have no doubts it can live up to those expectations. 

The adjustable cuffs on the Puma Ultradry waterproof golf jacket

The adjustable sleeve cuffs were a nice added touch to make this jacket even more comfortable. 

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My favourite part about Ultradry jacket is that is has adjustable cuffs and zippered side pockets. The adjustable cuffs were espeically useful in wet conditions where tightening the cuffs meant no rain could get in through my arms. The side pockets are really comfortably placed to leave your hands in and the waterproof zippers mean you can keep accessories like balls, tees and pitch mark repairers dry. 

My only issue with the jacket was the fit. While my normal size medium was perfect around the chest and arms, it offers quite a boxy, baggy fit at the bottom. While it didn't hinder my swing at all, it doesn't make for a great look. I'd say the Ping SensorDry Pro Jacket offers a better fit in this department, but if you prefer more space in your jackets then the Puma Ultradry offers that. Overall this is an excellent waterproof jacket at a very competitive price point. Bar the slightly baggy fit is offer great breathability and waterproofness with well placed pockets. It's lightweight enough that it can easily be stored in your golf bag's apparel pocket too. 

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