Clive Agran: Pairs World Final

Golfers from around the world gather for the fantastic International Pairs World Final but Clive is slightly frustrated.

Clive Agran: Golf on the edge

Not very many people know this but I attended Qualifying School a few years ago and survived right the way through to Final Qualifying. For those unfamiliar with Q School,…

Clive Agran: Tiger, Ben and Me

An exciting USPGA in the absence of Woods has proved Clive right, although Ben Curtis continues to prove him wrong

Clive Agran: Beijing Scramble

It's a huge event and the eyes of the world will be focused on it but Clive reckons that the Olympics are missing a trick

Clive Agran: A look back at Birkdale

Nowadays almost as important a part of the Open Championship as the claret jug itself, our Clive reflects on his week in the wind

Clive Agran: On the perch

Clive suggests that the Open Championship should be slightly modified in order to maintain the excitement surrounding it

Clive Agran: Hand in glover but pockets no prize

A remarkable incident in Friday’s second round has not received the coverage it deserves. A hole in one is rare but what Lucas Glover achieved with his tee-shot on the…

Clive Agran: The Open of hope

If Greg Norman can pull of the small matter of leading the Open Championship at the halfway stage, marry one of tennis' greatest ever stars and build up a mammoth…

Clive Agran: Another First

Apart from winning a major, is there nothing Clive hasn't done in golf? This week he registers another astonishing achievement.

From the Rough: It’s a Yawn

Normally even tempered and remarkably relaxed, Clive is a little out of sorts this week. Apparently it's the US Open that's left him feeling decidedly irritable.

From the Rough: It’s a Wrap

Can Clive make the transition from hacker to movie mogul? You'll soon be able to judge for yourselves. Meanwhile our man reveals the less glamorous of showbiz.

From the Rough: Wombling Free

Clive's careful preparation for his crucial Golf Monthly team debut gets lost somewhere in south-west London.

From the Rough: A Pilgrimage

Possibly seeking inspiration but more probably because he simply loves the place, Clive crosses the border to pay a visit to his favourite spot on earth.

From the Rough: Spurred on

Our man is on a sporting high and reveals an interest that’s some distance from the golf course. Nothing if not a visionary, he believes that the Royal and Ancient…