Looking For A Rangefinder For Under $100? Here Are 8 Options On Offer This Prime Day

There are some big savings to be had on laser rangefinders during Amazon Prime Day. We've compiled this list of the cheapest options

Looking For A Rangefinder For Under $100? Here Are 8 Options On Offer This Prime Day
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Looking For A Rangefinder For Under $100? Here Are 8 Options On Offer This Prime Day

Advancements in laser rangefinder technology have taken a lot of the guesswork out of judging approach shots to the green. Some of the best rangefinders (opens in new tab) are able to deliver accurate distance measurements of within a foot, from over 600 yards away. That can ultimately make the decision of what club you want to use so much easier, increasing the likelihood of a more accurate shot and in the process, helping to reduce your score. 

Unfortunately, many of the best rangefinders with slope (opens in new tab) can cost a pretty penny, with some setting you back as much as $600. And while that can put a lot of players off purchasing a laser, we have some great news for you! Amazon are offering some huge deals on a variety of different range finders during Prime Day Prime Day (opens in new tab), with several budget golf rangefinders available for less than $100. It's worth pointing out that we have not tested any of the rangefinders featured below - if you make a purchase, it is somewhat of a risk as the brands are lesser known and we can't vouch for the accuracy, quality or reliability. But, we've never tested a bad rangefinder and so we'd be confident they could do a job and represent decent value given the extremely modest price points. Be sure to stay tuned to our Prime Day Live Blog (opens in new tab), for more deals on some of the best golf equipment deals to be had. 

The 8 Best Deals On Rangefinders Under $100 This Prime Day

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Cammoo Golf Rangefinder | Get 54% off at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Was $129.99 Now $81.99
Save a whopping $70 on the Cammoo Golf Rangefinder during Amazon Prime Day, a waterproof rangefinder that claims to offer Slope functionality, vibration confirmation and a 1100 yard range. It also charges via USB for added convenience.

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THGOLF Rangefinder | Get 45% off at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Was $119.99 Now $79.99 

Another huge deal on a reliable golf rangefinder, the THGolf has built-in slope technology that can be disabled for competition use, Flag Lock Technology and Pulse Vibration, where it emits a short vibrating pulses to confirm that you have locked on to the target.

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Ginour Golf Laser Rangefinder | Get 44% off at Amazon
(opens in new tab)Was $99.99 Now $55.99

This price almost seems to good to be true but it claims to compensate for slopes, vibrate when the flag has been picked out and comes with a USB charger so you can keep it regularly topped up with power.

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Rexmeo Laser Rangefinder | Get 37% off at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Was $126.99 Now $79.99

Built-in slope technology can apparently provide accurate distance on inclined or flat surfaces to help you choose the correct 'batting stick'. This use of phrase should be a warning sign, but it does have slope and vibration functionality as well as a 1,000 yard range.

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Ailemon Pro Rangefinder | Get 39% off at Amazon
(opens in new tab)Was $99.99 Now $60.79

This Amazon's Choice rangefinder has an ergonomic design and a magnet for easy attachment to your cart as well as the ability to compensate for slopes and a scan mode ideal for perusing what lies ahead on tee shots.

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Acegmet Rangefinder | Get 46% off at Amazon
(opens in new tab)Was $139.99 Now $74.99

Perhaps one of the biggest discounts this Prime Day, grab yourself a $65 saving with this rangefinder that features a magnetic mount and a two-year warranty for peace of mind. It also has a vibration feature, scan mode and slope functionality.   

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Bushgor Laser Rangefinder | Get 49% off at Amazon
(opens in new tab)Was $139.99 Now $99.99

One of the coolest-looking gadgets we've ever come across in the budget laser category, the Bushgor offers slope functionality, magnetic attachment and a vibration feature for when the flag has been detected in front of a busy background. 

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Tidewe Golf Rangefinder | Get 22% off at Amazon
(opens in new tab)Was $89.99 Now $61.19

One of the cheapest rangefinders on the market, this is a good starter for any player who has never bought or used a rangefinder before. It looks simple to use and has all the features a golfer would need out on the course.

Ed Carruthers
Ed Carruthers

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