Jabra Pulse Wireless Sports earphones for just £29.99

Get similar earphones to the ones Ian Poulter wore at 2017 Open

Ian Poulter Jabra Pulse Wireless Sports earphones
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Ian Poulter turned heads by wearing some Bluetooth headphones on the range and on the 1st tee at Royal Birkdale at the 2017 Open Championship now you can get similar earphones

 Jabra Pulse Wireless Sports earphones for just £29.99

Ian Poulter certainly turned heads by wearing some Bluetooth headphones on the range and on the 1st tee at Royal Birkdale at the 2017 Open Championship.

These headphones were similar to the excellent Jabra Sport Wireless - a pair of wireless in-ear headphones that have one special trick – the ability to monitor your heart rate through your ears.

This is a seriously good deal with their average price on Amazon being around the £96 mark and are £75 at the moment.

The Pulse have a short, tangle-free cord that is long enough to lie behind your neck, and has a small clip included to keep the cord raised so it doesn’t swing around.

Jabra Pulse Wireless Sports earphones for just £29.99

In calmer, non-blustery conditions, the Pulse won’t wave about too much, but when the wind picks up the cable has a habit of repositioning itself on your shoulder. It’s not enough to want to take them off during a workout, though.

There’s an inline remote built into the cord, up near to the right earphone. It handles most of the standard functions you’d expect, such as adjusting volume, activating Siri if you’re using an iPhone, and also skips tracks via a number of different button presses.

The biggest feature here, of course, is the heart-rate monitoring. As mentioned, all the important technology is packed into the left earbud.

Jabra manages to pack an optomechanical sensor that shines light against the skin inside your ear to detect your pulse and oxygen consumption and generate a reading.

The ear is the part of the body packed with small blood vessels, which should help ensure the information is reliable. Jabra reckons it’s almost as accurate as the ECG machines used in hospitals, which is a bold claim.

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