Get A Portable Chipping Net For Just $21.59

Don't miss out on this excellent deal for a portable chipping net.

Get A Portable Chipping Net For Just $21.59

Don't miss out on this excellent deal for a practise aid that every golfer should have.

Get A Portable Chipping Net For Just $21.59

Working on your short game can bring long-range positivity to your scoring. And this off-brand (“Wonderful”) portable, indoor/outdoor pop-up chipping and pitching practice training net can be the perfect aid in your endeavor. We love that it easily folds up and totes around for complete portability.

You can even pack it in or attach it to your golf bag - it weighs just 0.58 pounds, has an opened diameter of less than 14 inches and quickly set it up on a tee box while that slow group ahead looks aimlessly for their lost tee shots.

We really like that it’s durable and stable - its fiber support stand rod props up the net and, thanks to the two tethering rods, the unit won’t move all around when hit by your chip shots. It’s going to stay put. The nylon mesh basket won’t wear away, either. Overall, it’s made to last.

Here’s the thing about practice and training aids: They need to be quick and easy to set, and simple to use. And this product meets all of those requirements, making it easy for us to highly recommend it for you. Doesn’t matter if you’re righty or lefty, a beginner or low handicap, it will help you improve your short game and a good chipping net like this is one of the best training aids we can recommend for golfers.

A chipping net is also one of the best training aids to use in the garden if your golf club is shut for periods of time over the winter months - this can help keep one of the most difficult aspects of the game as sharp as possible.

And one final note: The red target circle will help you more than you think. Because it’s brightly highlighted and smaller than the entire basket, it provides a very specific spot to aim at. This will help your chipping accuracy immensely, as you zero in on the target during your practice time.

Scott Kramer

Scott Kramer is a freelance writer based in Southern California. He carries a 5.2 index, along with a hacker's short game. Yet the former Senior Editor of GOLF Magazine always tries to bring his "A" game to his writing. 

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