The Adidas Go-To Polo Shirt has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

Adidas Go-To Polo Shirt

Adidas is a brand that regularly pushes the limit on technology and innovation when it comes to its products.

Over the past few years the brand has led the way in golf in relation to designing and manufacturing clothes and shoes with sustainability at the forefront, but without compromising on performance.

One such initiative is PrimeGreen, which is high-performance apparel made from recycled ingredients, with the aim of ending plastic waste.

In fact this initiative plays a key role, along with PrimeBlue, which relates to ocean plastic, in Adidas’ goal of using 100 percent recycled polyester in all of its products by 2024.

Adidas Go-To Polo Shirt


The new Go-To collection is part of this sustainability story and sitting atop the tree here is the Go-To Polo shirt. It is made from 89 percent recycled content and has already been worn out on the global stage by Xander Schauffele and Collin Morikawa.

To add to this focus on the environment, another plus point for the Go-To polo, and also the entire Go-To range, is its versatility.

All golfers appreciate apparel that can be worn both on the golf course and off it, and with more people of all ages picking up the sport and anticipating the trend for more versatile apparel. Adidas created this polo by utilising materials and colours that give it a wear-anywhere mentality, without compromising on performance of course.

Freedom Of Movement

As such, the polo has a simple and yet modern design with a rich, cotton-like feel. The four-way stretch enhances mobility and range of motion with the addition of a flexible collar being a very positive introduction. This stretchy collar allows the wearer to pull the polo over their head even when fully buttoned.

Overall we think Adidas has really nailed this polo shirt. People around the world want to wear Adidas products because of the performance, aesthetics and respectability of the brand. It would be easy for it to stick to doing that but instead it is seeking to play its part in eradicating plastic use and contributing to more sustainable practices. This gives an even stronger reason to buy into the brand with models like the Go-To polo.

Adidas Go-To Polo Shirt