Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott: A man of many words

Editor Roddy Bloomfield has been responsible for more than 1,000 of the finest sports books ever published – and he has enough great stories to write his very own bestseller.

Bill Elliott: Fighting Tiger’s corner

A recent radio debate threw up the old "you don’t have to be fit to play golf" argument. Well you do if you want to compete with the best in…

Bill Elliott: Name Sandy as skipper

Seve, Bernhard, Woosie and Nick have had their chances. It would be nothing short of rudeness not to nominate Sandy Lyle as Ryder Cup captain in 2010.

Bill Elliott: HobNobs, the new bananas?

While seasoned professionals turn to bananas for their on-course energy fix, our man in the amateur ranks has discovered the game-improving benefits of a certain biscuit.