How to putt on winter greens

Putting on winter greens is never easy. Uncertainly as to how imperfections will affect the role can often lead to tentaive strokes. It is also likely that surface moisture will cause putts to break a little less. Factoring in these points as you prepare to play is important. Here’s what to think about over short putts in particular.

Firstly, there are some really simple basics that you must take care of. Always mark and clean your ball especially in the winter months. It’s an advantage to be able to do this and failing to do so could cause a problem with the strike that causes you to miss. Also, wipe your putter face before you hit the ball. It is easy for grass or dirt to get attached to the face and this absolutely will impact the contact so have this simple point in mind.

On winter greens it is important to be firmer with your putts. Obviously this is because the greens are slower but also because if you hit the ball a little harder it is likely to hlod its line for longer. When it comes to short putts, hitting them straight and firm is a very good option.

A great tip is to concentrate on a spot in the back of the hole. By focusing your aim into one specific point you ahve a far bigger margin for error. On the practice green before you go out, place a tee peg in the back of the hole and try to hit your putts at this tee. This is a great way to train yourself to be more focused with your aim. You will build your confidence by doing this and it will take out the fear of the unkown regarding how the ball will react to the winter greens.