In the winter the greens bear little resemblance to the perfectly manicured summer surfaces you are used to so it makes sense to change your putting method this winter. Widen your stance, bend your upper body over the ball more than usual and grip down the club. This will feel a little strange so you will need to practice it.

These adjustments are all geared to give you a lower your centre of gravity and make you far more stable. From here you should anchor your elbows into your rib cage, again this will make the stroke far more robust. The stroke itself needs to be to be shorter, more ‘punchy’ than usual to give you the momentum you need.

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If you want to change your putting method this winter, why not think about having a ‘winter putter’ as well. It should be slightly heavier to help on slower greens, proving more distance without you having to think about it.

Rory McIlroy Putting Drills

Putting from close range is not very inviting even if you do change your putting method this winter. Imperfections on the green, scuff marks around the hole and cold hands can all conspire to make you feel like there is no chance of holing out. However, if you commit to your usual routine and concentrate on the stroke, you’ll be in the best place possible to make the putt.

Putting technique drills

I don’t like to feel I’m ramming short putts in, in the winter. I prefer to have a slightly larger margin for error (the faster the ball rolls the more likely it is to lip out) so I like my pupils to roll the ball at a normal pace but allow for a little more break than usual.