How To Hit A 3-Wood Off The Ground

PGA pro Nick Drane shows us how to hit a fairway wood off the deck

How To Hit A 3-Wood Off The Ground
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It's a shot we all need to play, so Titleist PGA Professional Nick Drane shows us how it's done

Many amateurs don't quite understand how to hit a 3-wood off the ground, and often it means the fairway wood just becomes redundant.

In the video above, Nick Drane, PGA Professional and Master Fitting Specialist at the Titleist Performance Centre, Woburn, shows us how it's done.

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How To Hit A 3-Wood Off The Ground

How To Hit A 3-Wood Off The Ground

Common Faults

One of the most common mistakes I see is players trying to 'lift' the golf ball into the air. The weight transfer works back to their trailside, and they end up catching it in the bottom of the club or on the top.

The result? A mishit. You can see from the picture immediately below, or by watching the video, how this will happen.

How To Hit A 3-Wood Off The Ground

Weight Transfer Towards Target

In order to hit your 3-wood off the ground successfully, we need to do the opposite. So, as you come into impact, I like to see weight transferring through towards the target.

It's not unusual to see some of the best players in the world taking a slight divot, which implies that they're hitting slightly down on the golf ball. By having the correct weight transfer, you're going to present the entire clubface to the ball - so you're more likely to hit it out the sweet spot.

How To Hit A 3-Wood Off The Ground

It might feel as though you're taking loft off, but you're actually presenting that entire face to get better contact for more distance and greater consistency.


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Get Fitted

Traditionally, a 3-wood has had 15° of loft, but some golfers may need more loft, initially. For example, you may find that you actually hit something like a 16.5° or 18° fairway wood further and better than a 15° 3-wood. So, be sure to see your PGA professional and get properly fitted.


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