How To Hit A 3-Wood Off The Ground

It’s one of the hardest shots in golf to hit consistently well and often leads to golfers treating their 3-wood like an ornament, rather than a club that could be put to many uses.

One such use would be to hit more par-5 greens in two and therefore drastically improve scoring. It’s one of the things tour players do that amateurs don’t but can be addressed by working on a couple of key fundamentals.

In particular, recreational golfers are guilty of hanging back with their fairway woods in an attempt to try and scoop the ball into the air. While the intention is noble, all that will lead to is a succession of tops and duffs.

So, the first thing to think about is the posture. It’s an athletic shot so how you set up should reflect that.

To set a good posture, stand upright with the club out in front of you. From there, tilt your upper body over the ball by bending at the hips before flexing your knees slightly. In the right position, your weight will be over the balls of your feet.

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Once you’ve done this, it’s vital to check your ball position. Get it forward in your stance, almost in line with your left heel, and keep your weight fairly centred. This encourages a shallower angle of attack than with your irons and will ensure you deliver loft on the club through impact.

Make sure you check these fundamentals regularly as it’s easy to fall into bad habits.

Now you’re set up to be a great fairway wood player, but you still need to deliver the club into impact efficiently. A great drill to stop leaning back can be done utilising a golf bag or even a door frame at home.

Take your set-up and place the head of your 3-wood against the base of your bag. From there try and replicate the desired impact position, with your hips slightly open and weight shifted forward onto your left side.

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It should look something like Matthew Wolff‘s unique pre-swing move. And if it’s good enough for the PGA Tour winner then it’s good enough for the rest of us.

The great thing about this drill is that it can be done without hitting shots, so if you have a spare five minutes here and there, you can work away at ingraining this feeling and ensure you don’t fall foul of the most common 3-wood mistake.