Titleist Latest Gear 58 videos

In this exclusive video you can see what it is like inside the brand new Titleist tour truck, courtesy of a guided tour from Titleist’s Guy Smith.

Guy, who works on the truck at most European Tour events, shows you round the communal area, which includes storage for Titleist Pro V1s, Titleist hats, as well as FootJoy waterproofs, gloves and any shoes that are waiting to be picked up by the players.

With the new Titleist tour truck, which replaces a truck that was in use for over 12 years, the players and staff will be able to enjoy more room to relax in or utilise for meetings.

As you’d expect, tea and coffee facilities are a must, and are just one thing that Guy shows you hidden away among the many cupboards.

Moving into the workshop and its an equipment fans’ dream, with every shaft, grip and head combination a Titleist player could ever dream, including the new Titleist 917 woods, which are being tested on tour at the moment.

Titleist Tour Truck

As well as the usual lie checking and re-gripping stations, you’ll also be shown the wedge stamping equipment and the machine that grinds wedges to give players their preferred sole grind.

They both sit in the new-look workshop, which now has workstations on both sides, making life much easier and more practical for the club building team, especially during busier periods.

As well as the workshop moving around to be more practical, the Titleist tour truck has undergone a number of hidden improvements.

Aircons units for example, no longer take up valuable internal space, and have now been rerouted above the ceiling to make the space feel bigger.

All in all it has made for an impressive addition to Titleist’s tour set-up, as we’re sure you’ll agree.