Scotland’s Marc Warren is widely regarded as having one of the best swings on the European Tour. Perfectly on place and in balance, amateur golfers wouldn’t go too far wrong if they were to copy his silky action.

For him, the key to consistent ball striking with your irons comes from having the perfect set-up position.

“In pro-ams I see too many golfers aiming too far right with the ball position too far back in their stance, almost in line with their back foot.” Warren told GM at the recent launch of the Callaway XR driver in Dubai.

“This causes problems with balance and means they’ll come into the ball too steep and across the ball. I like to stand with my feet and shoulders parallel left to the target and with the ball just forward of the middle of my feet with a 7-iron.”

“From there, this creates room to move my weight slightly away from the target in the backswing and then make a fully, balanced follow through.”

Warren’s swing served him well in 2015, finishing 25th in the Race to Dubai with a win at the Made in Denmark event.


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