How To Fix A Slice - Try These Umbrella Drills

In this video, Dan Whittaker discusses what causes an out-to-in golf swing and shares some simple drills

how to fix a slice in golf

In this video, Dan Whittaker discusses what causes an over-the-top golf swing and shares some simple drills

How To Fix A Slice In Golf 

An over-the-top golf swing has plagued golfers for years as it leads to slices and big pulls. Many amateurs often think, or hope, the fix will be simple and turn to the latest bit of equipment in a desperate bid to paint over the cracks.

Alternatively, some will head to the range thinking the movement of the hands and arms are the root cause of this debilitating club path, rather than merely being a symptom.

However, more often than not, the movement of the lower body in transition is what leads to the ensuing problems.

Even when players get into a good position at the top of the backswing, the weight quickly moves forward onto the toes, which throws the club outside the ideal plane. From there, the tendency is for the legs to straighten, which pulls the club back in and way across the ball, resulting in that weak slice nobody likes to see.

And it only gets worse as you work up through the bag to the longer-shafted clubs like the driver.

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A good way to set about correcting this is to focus on keeping the right heel – left for left-handers – on the ground for as long as possible to begin the downswing. This will make it easier for golfers to create more of a squatting position in transition, with the lower body shifting towards the target slightly.

The right heel has stayed planted, allowing the club to come down more from the inside

By keeping the heel on the floor, the right shoulder will be able to drop and put the club into a better position approaching impact. It’s one of the many things the pros do that we struggle with.

When you’re working on a new move, it’s vital you find a way to make sure you’re getting some feedback. Whether that’s through filming or a golf training aid it doesn’t matter. In this instance, an umbrella or an alignment stick will do the job.

Stick it into the ground at the same angle as the club at address but have it behind and slightly to the right of the ball so you still have room to swing.

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For the first drill, place a club across your shoulders and rehearse this move, keeping your back heel down and squatting into the ground. If you do it properly, you should see a bigger gap between the club and the umbrella than if you fall back into old habits.

Once you’ve done this a few times, the second part involves hitting a shot with the umbrella or alignment stick still in place. The reason this works so well is that if you fail to execute, the club will strike whatever feedback tool you have in the ground.

It’s an idea to start with half swings and build up to full speed as the chances are you’ll get it wrong many times before you start to consistently get it right.

If you are struggling with slices, add these drills to your practice routine and start investing some quality time into your golf game.


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