Alex Levy has made quick progress from elite amateur to the top echelons of the European Tour and looks set to continue his upward trajectory. This brisk no nonsense swing is really efficient and from my Alexander Levy swing analysis you can see there is plenty here to admire and copy if you can.

He has strong angles at address – in particular his posture that is strong but also athletic, ready for a powerful upper body rotation. As he begins that turn he sets the club right on plane – this is another bi-product of having a technically sound address position. It is worth noting how far he moves into his right side during the backswing and noticeable how his head moves in sympathy with this action. If you are hanging on to the thought of ‘don’t move your head’ this swing sequence shows that a lateral head movement that facilitates a full turn is no bad thing and it also happens to be far kinder for our backs!

At the top of the backswing, the club stops just short of the parallel. For me, the length you swing the club is really just a style point. As we are all so different in terms of our physiology and flexibility, there is no one-size fits all approach and there are many examples of successful players with long and short swings.

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The transition from backswing to downswing is beautifully smooth and it is worth observing here how stable the body looks as he makes the move back to the ball. Into the impact area, Alex really releases the club fully past the ball, and I really like the way he drives his body through the shot. There is no question of steering this drive. It’s a fully committed swing but one that oozes efficiency.