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New Titleist 716 T-MB iron launched

The new Titleist 716 T-MB iron introduces tungsten to its design to make it much more forgiving than the old Titleist 712U driving iron that it replaces.

Adding high density tungsten is a tactic that Titleist has employed across the whole of the new 716 range, including the new AP1, AP2, CB and MB irons.

Its addition in the new T-MB means this utility, or driving, iron now has a moment of inertia (MOI) 6.8 per cent higher than the Titleist 712U model, making it less likely to twist offline for more forgiveness.

Titleist 716 T-MB irons review

Having the tungsten also helps lower the centre of gravity for a higher launch and longer carry, the perfect combination for use off the tee or into a green. The improved launch also allowed for 1º stronger lofts compared to 712U, which increases speed for added distance.

The T-MB’s high-tech muscle back frame also houses a thin, fast and unsupported face that springs to increase speed for even longer distance. The thin body design also creates discretionary weight that’s redistributed to further increase forgiveness.

All in all, during robot testing the 716 T-MB iron registered 2mph faster ball speeds and up to 200rpm less backspin than the 712U, for an average carry distance four yards longer.

The new Titleist 716 T-MB iron also delivers on feel, with a pre-worn leading edge reducing digging at the point of turf entry and a trailing edge chamfer aiding a fast, smooth release, while the profile and blade length is similar to that of the AP2 for a better player look at address.

Adam Scott put a 716 T-MB 2-iron in play at the World Golf Championships event at Firestone, and told GM: The way I see the T-MB iron is really the future of the game. We’re going to see hollow muscle backs with perimeter weighting – tungsten, in this case – replacing muscle and cavity back irons. I think that’s the way forward. It’s going to be about launching it high and controlling the spin, hitting it a long way but a controlled distance, and there are huge benefits to playing golf that way.”

Titleist 716 T-MB iron specifications

The Titleist 716 T-MB iron’s stock shaft will be the True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT (Ascending Mass Technology), the same option used in the new Titleist 716 AP2, CB and MB irons, which sees lighter long iron shafts used to boost launch and speed, and heavier short iron shafts used for added control.

The new Titleist 716 T-MB iron will be available from 23rd October 2015 and will retail at £169 in steel and £189 in graphite.