Mizuno S5 wedge revealed

The new Mizuno S5 wedge has been unveiled

Mizuno S5 wedge
The new Mizuno S5 wedge

The new Mizuno S5 wedge has been unveiled, offering two stunning finishes and a larger midsize profile that's less intimidating from tough lies

The new Mizuno S5 wedge has been unveiled, offering two stunning finishes and a larger midsize profile that's less intimidating from tough lies.

Building on its reputation of making clubs that look great and offer the perfect blend of feel and control, the new Mizuno S5 wedge has been precision-engineered to meet the needs of everyone, from tour pros to mid-handicappers.

Its new and distinctive Blue IP finish will wear over time, but crucially without reducing the durability of the plating itself, so you can still get plenty of spin when you need it. Mizuno's White Satin finish will also be on offer, for those who prefer a more classic look.

Mizuno S5 wedges

The Mizuno S5 wedge has a larger midsize profile that's less intimidating when you’re faced with longer shots from less-than-perfect lies.

Its highly versatile sole grinds have also been designed to offer creativity around the greens, combining with a profile that has a slightly rounded leading edge that allows it to be opened or closed while still aligned to your target for maximum adaptability.

S5 group

As with the popular Mizuno MP-T5 wedge its replaces, the Mizuno S5 wedge utilises Quad Cut Grooves that are wider and shallower in the 54-62° models to provide more spin on chips and pitches, and deeper and narrower in the 49-53° heads to ensure control and workability on full and longer pitch shots.

Mizuno's Grain Flow Forging is also back, helping to maintain a consistent grain through the neck and hosel for greater feel consistency.

GM Verdict

The new Mizuno MP-S5 wedge boasts its bigger size makes it easier to use from tricky lies, and this may make you think it'd be large or cumbersome to look down on, but thankfully that couldn't be further from the truth. It sits beautifully behind the ball and when you need to open the face up, its larger size really does fill you with confidence. The feel was absolutely superb, something you come to expect from Mizuno, making distances very easy to judge. The blue finish won't be for everyone, but it does show the brand isn't afraid to try new things that aren't as in keeping with its traditional identity, which should lead it to exciting new places.

Mizuno S5 wedge specifications

Men’s right and left handed models are available in standard lofts at 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60°, while 25 different loft and bounce combinations give you further access to 49-62° set-ups.

The stock steel shaft is the Dynamic Gold Wedge flex, while the standard graphite offering will be the Mizuno Orochi wedge.

The new Mizuno S5 wedge will retail at £110 per club.

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