Hybrids Buyer’s Guide

Iron or fairway replacement?
You need to think about what shots you want to play with your hybrid. Are you looking for more control than your 3-iron to find greens on long par 3s and par 4s, or do you want to bridge the gap between your fairway wood and current long iron set-up for more accuracy and options off the tee?

The added forgiveness and versatility of a hybrid over a hybrid will be welcomed by most golfers. Hybrids have a wider sole for sweeping strikes off the fairway, much like a fairway wood, but offer more control and come in a wider variety of lofts to suit your gapping needs.

The loft you need will depend on whether you plan to slide a hybrid in between your longest iron and fairway wood or if you plan to replace your long irons. The latter will usually opt for higher lofted hybrids, ranging from 20-24° while those looking to keep their long irons in the bag will need a lower lofted hybrid, between 17-19°.

Get custom fitted
The length of the shaft can affect the overall distance. Most golfers will find they hit a hybrid further than a long iron with the same loft due to the added size and technology in the head’s construction. So if you are trying to reduce your gapping it can be especially important to try a few side by side.

Many hybrids today offer an element of adjustability where golfers can change the loft and lie angle to suit their swing and gapping preferences. Adjustability can also be extremely useful if you play lots of different courses or in changing wind conditions.

Hybrids come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Larger clubheads will inspire more confidence at address, but offer less workability and versatility than thinner, more compact hybrids. The size will also affect the club’s playability out of the rough so think about where you think you’ll use your hybrid most before deciding.