Me And My Golf Tips: Driving Accuracy

By Andy Proudman, Me and My Golf

One of the biggest reasons for golfers missing the fairway is excessive clubface rotation. It starts during the move away from the golf ball, where the clubface is turning too much and the shaft rolls away from the body.

From here, it becomes much harder to square the clubface at impact, leading to compensations in the downswing – the arms and body are having to work too hard to get that clubface square. Often the clubface is left open and you’ll miss the fairway right, or you’ll overcompensate and miss left.

We want to create a more stable clubface in the takeaway so these compensations aren’t required and, as a result, your action becomes more repeatable. Having the butt of the club pointing more at your trailing hip in the takeaway will promote a squarer clubface.

The drill below should help achieve this, and it will also improve your swing plane, too. It’s an especially good feeling for golfers who slice the ball because it helps stop the clubface from opening in relation to the path – the reason golfers slice the golf ball.

Try this drill – Feel the reach

Step 1
Take your set-up position and move your hands down the shaft so the right hand is touching the steel. Rehearse a move away and as your hands pass your right thigh, the butt of the club should be pointing at your trailing hip, engaging the body as you do so.

Step 2
You’ll notice how the clubface rotates very little in this position. This makes it easier to square the face more consistently at impact, which should tighten your dispersion. It will take time to get used to the feeling of a squarer face but stick with it.