The unidentified man was spotted by Sky commentator Rich Beem as Bryson DeChambeau made his way up the 13th hole


WATCH: Streaker Interrupts Play At US Open

A streaker found his way on to the 13th hole at Torrey Pines during the final round of the 121st US Open.

Dressed in what appeared to be a rainbow cape, a blouse, chino shorts and a pork pie hat, the streaker made his way onto the fairway and began to hit a few balls into the rough.

The incident was caught by on-course commentator Rich Beem, who posted it on his Instagram page.

The streaker came on to the 13th hole just after Bryson Dechambeau had made his way up to the green and began hitting irons into the nearby rough.

The streaker appeared to posses a half decent swing, despite the fact a few alcoholic beverages may have been consumed prior to him hopping over the ropes.

We can’t be sure where exactly he was aiming, but he struck the first one nicely but sadly followed it up with a clean top as a stunned set of security staff made their way toward him.

After appearing to admit defeat to the first member of staff who approached him, the streaker then pump-faked the security and a quick turn of pace saw him head up the fairway towards the green.

Some quick thinking by a security guard on a golf cart finally apprehended the streaker as he was wrestled to the ground.

Luckily, the streaker appeared to cause no damage to any players or property with the only damage probably going to his ego and bank balance once he pays the hefty fine for jumping the ropes.

Watch: Streaker Interrupts Play At US Open