In this article, Golf Monthly top 25 coach Ged Walters takes a look at the golf swing of two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson Golf Swing Analysis

Bubba Watson is one of golf’s most interesting characters, and his golf swing is one of, if not the, most unique on Tour.

The two-time Masters champion recently captured his 12th PGA Tour title at the Travelers Championship and has re-found his form of previous years in 2018.

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Bubba loves to shape the ball, more than any other pro, and particularly enjoys hitting a fade. He’s also one of the PGA Tour’s longest hitters.

Here, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Ged Walters takes a look at Bubba’s action:

“He is a bit of a throw back with his self discovered style.

Set Up:

“He sets up generally to play for his fade but he has good posture, forward bend knee flex.


“Bubba takes the club away with the head moving upwards very quickly, the club head stays outside his hands so it looks very steep as it continues to the top. Almost like he reaches to the sky with his hands so his lead arm is almost vertical at the top.

“His lower body has made a huge rotation with his belt buckle facing back to the camera and his right heel off the ground. His torso has turned, tilted and extended superbly. From face on he is very reminiscent to Jack Nicklaus with his ‘K’ leg image.


“In the transition he plants his right heel and uses his legs fantastically as his hips get back to were they were in the address position way before his torso and hands/arms really start to move.

“This stores huge power which he releases with incredible body rotation by opening his hips and torso way before the club impacts the ball.

“His feet stay planted until after impact and then they start to move due to the amount of ground force he creates.

“This is possibly why his finish is really in a balanced pose.”

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