ProQuip, official weatherwear supplier to the European Ryder Cup Team, has spent the past 15 months developing an exclusive lightweight, stretchable fabric for Nick Faldo’s men.

The North Berwick-based company has worked closely with Faldo to create a special suit that can withstand the heavy storms that Kentucky is prone to. Although the actual European Team rain suit will remain top secret until the match begins on September 19, ProQuip has confirmed that the exclusively designed fabric is ultra-lightweight and is stretchable throughout.

Richard Head, ProQuip’s managing director and chief designer, said: “Nick Faldo knew exactly what he wanted, and that was the ultimate lightweight, quiet, stretchable weatherwear. While there are rain suits available with stretch panels built into the jackets, this is the first time, as far as I am aware, an ultra-lightweight, plain weave fabric has been created with two-way stretch throughout. That makes it supremely lightweight and easy to swing in.

Head and Faldo first met up some 15 months ago to discuss ideas for the Europeans’ weatherwear for Kentucky, and the captain has been involved in the design process from start to finish.

Head explains: “Nick wanted a waterproof outer, as opposed to a waterproof drop-liner, because he wanted the suit to be lightweight and fend off Kentucky’s rain which, when it does fall, falls by the bucket load.”

While secrecy surrounds the suit the European Ryder Cup Team will wear this week, ProQuip is set to launch a high-performance suit using the same specially developed, stretchable fabric, probably in early in 2009.

“Two years ago we developed Silk Touch for the European Ryder Cup Team, which was an iconic rain suit at The K Club and highly acclaimed by the players. It was a suit and fabric that went on to win a number of awards and product tests. I am confident that our new stretch fabric, will take the golf weatherwear market by storm – and possibly the Ryder Cup, too.”