The Golf Monthly team reviews the Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley, which features a whole host of new features unique to its design

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Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley


  • The new folding mechanism is clever, keeping all moving parts inside the tubing and away from trouble so they are well protected, while also making it easier to set up. The new straps are a big improvement on the Stewart Z3 trolley and ensure the perfect fit for any bag. It's also very easy to push around the course.


  • Some will prefer a handbrake to a footbrake. The umbrella holder is a very good added extra, but isn’t as sturdy as some others on the market. While not unreasonable, this does come in at the top end of the push trolley price bracket.


Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley review


Price as reviewed:

£199.00 (Available in white or black with white or black wheels)

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Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley video review

Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley key technology

The Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley features a unique folding system that removes any external mechanisms. This makes it 33 per cent smaller than the Stewart Z Series when folded and, as you can see below, this means it fits in your boot with plenty of room to spare. This unique design also keeps dirt and dust away from the mechanism and that should mean that it lasts as long, if not longer, than any other trolley. The Stewart Golf R1 Push is designed to hold any type of bag firmly in place, this is achieved thanks to a new strap system that works brilliantly at holding. A footbrake secures the trolley on hilly ground. While some will prefer a break on the handle, the Stewart designers tell us that a handle break becomes slacker quicker because of the extra wiring, which is why they stuck with a foot version.

Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley folded in boot

Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley folded in boot

Golf Monthly verdict

The Stewart Golf R1 Push is an excellent push trolley that features noticeable improvements compared to the previous Stewart model. The new folding mechanism should ensure that the trolley lasts for a long time, as there’s very little that can go wrong. The folding and unfolding mechanism is both quick and easy. The compact size when folded is particularly impressive when you consider the size of the unit when it is ready for play and the storage space available. A well thought out trolley that should be very high on your list if you want a high quality push design. The Stewart Golf Z3 was an impressive performer but the R1 Push takes push trolley design forward once again.

Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley in play

Stewart Golf R1 Push trolley in play


This is the best-looking push trolley on the market, and is packed with useful features. It is clearly built to last and is a great choice for those after a high quality model but not intersted in an electric trolley.