PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Electric Trolley Review - Joel Tadman puts the new compact-folding CT6 GPS from PowaKaddy through its paces out on the course.

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PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Electric Trolley


  • Stylish and folds down easily and compactly, leaving plenty of room for your clubs in your car. Touchscreen bolsters premium appeal.


  • Having to charge the battery on its side is a minor inconvenience. Doesn't accomodate standbags overly well.


PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Electric Trolley


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PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Electric Trolley Review

Last year’s PowaKaddy CT6 GPS electric trolley was an excellent option for golfers that wanted at-a-glance, front-middle-back distances on a trolley that folded down compactly. But there was room for improvement, something that PowaKaddy has addressed in 2021.


The first being the screen. Specifically, PowaKaddy has moved to a full touchscreen for the 2021 iteration rather than using two buttons underneath, which did get confusing at times.

Once you work out that you access the different screens and features like hazards by swiping in different directions rather than endlessly tapping the icons along the bottom with no success, this certainly represents an enhancement in the user experience.

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The screen is more readable and graphics have been freshened up to make them more cutting edge and create a more premium feel overall, although some might have preferred the middle distance to have remained larger in the display.

The other big improvement we noticed was the folding system and how small it collapses down to.


The space that the CT6 GPS saves, with its ability to invert the wheels, is truly game changing if your car boot lacks storage room. We’ve found it provides ample space for your clubs, shoes and other bits and pieces with room to spare while also being quick and simple to erect when you arrive at the course.

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PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Electric Trolley Review

The addition of the Automatic Distance Function will please many long-standing trolley users who can now set the trolley off towards the next tee at a specific distance so it is in the appropriate place to not hold up play once you finish the hole. There’s even somewhere to store your tees so you’re never caught short.

The latest battery design is significantly slimmer, lightweight and easy to put in position and turn on with a minimum of fuss. On a flat course of average length, we’re confident you would get two rounds of life out of it. You can even adjust the tracking of the front wheel in case it starts veering to one side.

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Sturdy and well made, the CT6 GPS is one of the most comprehensive electric trolleys on the market. It has all the features a golfer would ever need while minimising the stress in getting set up when you arrive at the course too with the reduction in weight making it much easier to lift in and out of your car. All these performance upgrades come with no added cost versus last year, so the 2021 version of the CT6 GPS offers even better value for money.