In this Skechers Pro 4 Legacy Golf Shoe review, we take them out on course to test the grip, waterproofness and overall comfort.

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Overall rating:

Skechers Pro 4 Legacy Golf Shoes


  • Lightweight, fully waterproof and provides ample grip in all conditions.


  • Styling on the more conservative side.


Skechers Pro 4 Legacy Golf Shoe


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Skechers Pro 4 Legacy Golf Shoe Review

If you regularly play in wet conditions and want a spiked waterproof leather golf shoe, then the Skechers Pro 4 Legacy is a fantastic option for golfers who prioritise comfort and is one of the best Skechers golf shoes in its current line.

Designed to be fully waterproof, it is also very comfortable thanks to the Resamax cushioned insole and light Ultra Go cushioning.

Skechers is renowned for its comfort and the Pro 4 Legacy shoes don’t disappoint on this front.

Straight out of the box these are a very comfy pair of shoes and took us very little time to break in out on the course.

Like the Skechers Torque Pro golf shoe, it has a leather and synthetic upper with waterproof membrane protection plus extra traction from the eight Softspikes in the moulded dynamic diamond sole.

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The moulded dynamic diamond sole on the Pro 4 Legacy shoes provides excellent grip in all conditions. The easily replaceable spikes give peace of mind too for the lifespan of this shoe too.

These spikes are easily replaceable too, making the lifespan of this shoe a lot longer when the spikes inevitably fall or wear out after a few years of solid use.

The shoes come with a one year waterproof guarantee but, as with all waterproof Skechers shoes we’ve tested, we expect that these well constructed shoes will have a long lifespan if well looked after.

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The leather upper means they’re easy to wipe clean after a round of golf, and the black pair we tried barely showed up any marks after a handful of rounds.

They’re true to size too, and when we tested these out in our normal size 8, the fit was as we’d expect.

While the styling is a little conservative for our liking, it comes three colour options (black, grey or white) so you can find a pair to suit your preference.


An excellent waterproof, spiked shoe offering from Skechers. While the styling falls a bit flat, that can be quickly forgotten considering how comfortable and practical these shoes can be all year round.