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FootJoy XPS-1


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The FootJoy XPS-1 shoes feature a new outsole design to improve stability. This is achieved with lateral side outriggers, which extend outside the sole of the shoe to give a wider platform under the foot. This gives more ground contact and should 
help golfers maintain balance. 
A lightweight fibreglass structure wraps around the middle of the foot to provide additional support on the FootJoy XPS-1.

The FootJoy XPS-1 shoes will suit anyone who sometimes slips when swinging and/or those who play on hilly courses

The aggressive styling of the FootJoy XPS-1 shoes will not be to everyone’s taste, but it is there for good reason. The support provided for a dynamic swing is just about the best you’ll find. During a time when the trend is to design a lightweight street-style shoe, FootJoy has created a model that focuses on performance. While the street-style shoe is great for a relaxed round of golf, this fits the bill for a competitive game – an ideal option for those who play regular winter golf in the UK. The overall look is a big improvement on the previous SYNR-G model.

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The FootJoy XPS-1 offer excellent stability when swinging, which is particularly noticeable when trying to hit a powerful drive. The overall style will go with virtually any outfit. Currently only available in one colour option (pictured) with more styles to come in January. PGA pro verdict Extreme Platform Stability is definitely the right description. It Stabilised both my right shoe and weight shift as I turned into my back swing, which helped the feeling of increased torque and it gave the same effect at my impact and follow-through positions, maintaining my balance very consistently. The FootJoy XPS-1 is a very stylish and good-looking shoe, with a real technical twist that will 
appeal to all players. (Golf Monthly top 25 coach John Jacobs)