ECCO Casual Hybrid shoe

What did our test team make of ECCO's latest spikeless offering?

Golf Monthly Verdict

The styling of the blue brogue-style model we tested is quite niche and arguably will only match with a small number of outfits, but for those seeking a premium looking, sophisticated and versatile pair of shoes that can be worn on and off the course, the Ecco Casual Hybrid could certainly fit the bill.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Premium, luxurious styling without the price tag. Excellent traction and on and off course versatility

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Styling of the wingtip version is quite niche and it could provide more cushioning.

Golf Monthly's ECCO Casual Hybrid shoe review, a spikeless model that comes in a sneaker and brogue style depending on your preference

Ecco are known for being positioned more toward the premium end of the golf shoe market. But the stunning new Casual Hybrid has the same premium look to it, without the hefty price tag.

In fact, for £100 you can get your hands on a pair of sneaker-style spikeless shoes known for its comfort and traction technology as well offering style and sophistication in abundance.

We tested the wingtip version (RRP £110), which has a brogue-like persona that is arguably more appropriate in the clubhouse than on the course. But while it may not look like a typical golf shoe, there are plenty of features that make it feel and perform like one.


The multiple traction elements on the E-DTS outsole create a stable, firm and grippy platform from which to swing. Only the steepest of slopes in wet conditions are likely to cause you to lose your footing.

On top of this is a comfortable midsole. The shoe itself has quite an unusual shape in that it is quite wide in the mid foot and towards the toe area, which actually gives the toes a little more room to move for comfort while locking the heel in place to maximize performance when you swing.


Should you require even more width, you do have the option of taking the inner sole out but this does come at the detriment of a slight reduction in underfoot cushioning.

The leather on the upper of the wingtip version has a firmer overall feel than the sneaker style option. Even the laces have an unusual rough texture to them but with a proper pair of socks, they're still a joy to wear.