Golf Monthly's Ping Vault putters review, a range that comprises four models offering exceptional feel and distance control

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Ping Vault putters


  • All four putters provide exceptional feel and a consistent roll across the face


  • Current users of a mid-mallet style putter may be left wanting


Ping Vault putters


Price as reviewed:

£275.00 ((£299 adjustable shaft length))

Clubhouse Golf

Ping are looking to make big strides in the putter market from the middle part of 2016 and beyond and it’s hoping the Vault series is going to catapult them into the forefront of the minds of golfers that are looking for a new flatstick.

The Vault range is a simple, premium offering with just four models that each come in either a lighter platinum finish or a darker slate finish. There are two blades (Anser 2 and Voss) and two mallets (Oslo and Bergen) so hopefully between the finishes and head shapes, there an option to suit most tastes if not all.

Ping Vault Anser 2

The new Ping Vault Anser 2

Coming in at this price point (£275) the putters need to look and feel excellent and from our initial testing, they deliver on both fronts. The heads are fully machined from a block of steel in the case of the blades and aluminium for the mallets, contributing to a very soft, buttery feel from the sweetspot.

What will please golfers is that this feel doesn’t change too much from the heel and toe either. Both the feel and ball speed doesn’t seem to be affected by an errant contact, which is especially reassuring when putting from long range.

Add in the variable depth TR grooves to assist with off-centre performance and you’ve got a clubface that is doing a lot of the work for you. The roll is excellent and it doesn’t feel like you have to strike the putt perfectly for it to start on your intended line.

Ping Vault Oslo

The Ping Vault Oslo is a compact mallet

There’s only one head weight available in each of the models in the range, which is a good thing as with all the different finishes and adjustable shaft length option (£299) available it could have been another confusing element to factor in when trying to settle on a model without going through a full fitting.

The new grip enhances what is already an impressive offering from Ping, providing a soft, tacky feel in the hands that helps with both feel, clubhead stability and face control. Its shape is slightly larger at the top to fit into the left hand (for a right handed player) a little more snug.


Ping has really upped its game with the new Vault series. The look and feel is much improved on anything in their current range and it’s clear that much thought as gone into every area of the putters’ design – from the clubhead right up to the grip. If you’re happy to invest in a top-notch flatstick, the Vault should certainly be one you try.