Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago Putter Review

Testing the Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago Putter on course

Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago Putter
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago Putter is a premium blade putter that offers great feel in a classy look. It has a lighter feel than most models but the option to vary sole weights means you can adjustt this to suit your stroke.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Deep blade head has longer alignment line

  • +

    Double bend hosel creates less toe hang

  • +

    Great grip

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lighter feel and lower MOI might not suit everyone

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The Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago putter is one of the new blade style putters that has been added to the range for 2022. The Anser style head features a slightly wider back section than the Madison which is the more standard shaped of the Toulon Design range.

The other difference is the double bend hosel that creates a ¾ shaft offset and reduces the toe hang on this model to 30 degrees which should appeal to those with a small to medium arc in their stroke.

Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago putter address

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The Chicago hosel style also creates a very clean look at address with clear sight of the ball and the deeper head allows for a longer alignment line which makes lining up the putt easy.

The face features a Deep Diamond Groove that is new to the 2022 range and milled into the steel head to make this a soft sounding putter at impact. This is because the grooves mean that there are less points of contact with the ball, so even with a firm ball you get a great feel at impact.

Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago Putter

(Image credit: MHopley)

The dark looks are complemented by the 'Black Emerald' color Stroke Lab shaft which features a steel bottom section and a graphite top section. This new version of the Stroke Lab shaft sees a shorter steel section than before, which saves 7g and makes it 40% lighter than a steel shaft. The saved weight is then redistributed to the head and grip to create a counterbalance putter that should create a more consistent tempo for greater accuracy.

If you wish to vary the weight balance of the head, then the two adjustable weights in the heel and toe of the sole can be replaced with options from 5, 10, 15 and 20g to suit your stroke. This is a nice option to see and could improve the MOI, so take professional fitting advice if  you are planning to do this to get the optimum set up for your stroke.

Odyssey Toulon Design Las Vegas 2022 Putter

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If you want a putter that is more face balanced then read our Odyssey Toulon Design Las Vegas putter review. The Toulon Design oval grip is one of the best Odyssey (opens in new tab) has created and fits really well into your hands.

On the green the feel from the Toulon Chicago putter was excellent and the combination of the Stroke Lab shaft and grooved face gave plenty of feedback which putter purists will love.

Overall it did feel quite a light putter and the MOI is lower than some of the more stable blade putters (opens in new tab) in the Odyssey range such as the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putters, but if you are confident in your stroke and want a premium blade putter then the Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago is going to be your kind of putter.

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