In this Wilson Staff D9 iron review, Joel Tadman tests it out to see if it could be the longest iron on the market in 2021.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Wilson Staff D9 Iron


  • Lightweight feel and explosive feel mean it is easy to swing this iron fast and achieve longer carries. Forgiving off-centre too providing exceptional value at this price point.


  • Lightweight feel may effect timing initially.


Wilson Staff D9 Iron


Price as reviewed:

£499.00 (5-PW)

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Wilson Staff D9 Iron Review

The Wilson Staff D7 became one of the best pound-for-pound distance irons when it launched at the end of 2018 so we were keen to discover if the new D9 iron could match it or even exceed it when it came to performance.


There are fewer Power Holes on the sole this time, Wilson has reverted to just two guided by computer modelling software to produce the most efficient design in terms of their length and positioning.


The lofts have got a degree stronger than D7 (the 7-iron is now 27°) and we tested it both on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor and outdoors at Burghley Park Golf Club to assess the feel, flight and forgiveness.


At address it offers up a clean, traditional look with a generous topline width and offset to inspire confidence. It has a wide sole too and up to the 7-iron the back of the sole is visible in the playing position on the heel side, which not everyone will like.

But the sole does have a decent amount of camber to it so it will play a little narrower than it looks and offer good forgiveness through the turf.

The first thing that strikes you is the lightweight feel. It comes with the KBS Max Ultralite shaft as standard, the lightest steel shaft KBS offers, and as a result it feels very easy to swing fast.

This also contributes to a higher launch. In fact, the peak height of this iron was surprisingly high given the lofts and while the spin was lower than most irons we’ve tested of a similar loft, the steep descent angle should provide enough stopping power.

wilson staff D9 iron data

The distance this iron generated really impressed us. Carries often exceeded 190 yards, undoubtedly making it one the longest irons we’ve tested, even against the more recently-launched irons like the Cobra Radspeed and TaylorMade SIM2 Max OS.

It’s worth mentioning the stock shaft length of the D9 7-iron is 37.5″, a touch longer than most other irons contributing somewhat to the extra yardage.

The other thing that really stands out with this iron is the feel – the D9 feels as hot as a three wood or a driver out of the middle and feels nearly as good on slight mishits too.


The head itself is really stable – it’s unlikely you’ll be able to work the ball much but those after a straighter ball flight will enjoy what D9 has to offer.

The lightweight feel may mean your control of the clubface is a bit off initially but once you get used to how it feels, your timing should improve with every round if you have a set in your bag.


If you’re looking for maximum distance from a set of irons that are easy to hit and don’t break the bank, the Wilson Staff D9 is one of the stand out choices coming in at just £499 for a 5-PW set.