TaylorMade P790 Ti Iron

Would this premium iron set deliver next-level performance?

TaylorMade P790 Ti Iron Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

The easy launch and added distance on a consistent basis will certainly appeal to the mid-handicapper looking to make the game easier, as will the hotter feel on those all-too-common mishits, but it’s a lot of money to experience the benefits.

Reasons to buy
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    Pleasing combination of easy launch, forgiveness and added speed will help golfers with carry distance.

Reasons to avoid
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    Perhaps lacks the wow factor you might expect from a set with this ultra-premium price tag.

TaylorMade P790 Ti Iron Review - Our verdict on the new TaylorMade P790 Ti iron packed full of technology that will set you back £2,699 for a set

TaylorMade P790 Ti Iron Review

Brands like PXG and Honma have proven there is a demand for the ultra-premium iron set and the P790 Ti is TaylorMade’s foray into this lucrative market.

It comes soon after the launch of the updated P790 iron, which will certainly be a popular choice among varying abilities of player, but in terms of the construction the P790 Ti is a very different beast.


It gets its name from a special form of titanium used that has a greater strength to weight ratio, meaning TaylorMade could make the faces thinner to increase ball speed and save weight, while maintaining the all-important durability.

Unique to this iron is also a tungsten backbar. It weighs on average 119g, nearly half the mass of the clubhead, and slots in nicely in the rear portion of the cavity.

Looks wise, it differs significantly from the P790 despite both coming within the ‘players’ category. It has an obviously wider sole, more offset, thicker topline and longer blade length from heel to toe. It also has a lighter, less reflective finish.

taylormade p790-ti-address-web

How the P790 Ti (left) compares to the new P790 in the playing position

The lofts are also different too – the 7-iron is 28.5°, which is two degrees stronger than the P790, but the stock shaft length is the same.

We hit shots with both 7-irons on the Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor using range balls at West Hill Golf Club and there were some noticeable differences.


Firstly the ball flight with the P790 Ti was higher, it seemed by a good 2-3 yards. The same hollow head filled with Speedfoam design as P790 provided that hot, explosive feel with a pleasing sound too although it felt like the P790 Ti had a touch more oomph behind it. Sure enough, it gave us nearly 2mph more ball speed.

The spin was similar at just under 6000 rpm and as a result of the extra speed and higher flight, we achieved an average carry of 174 yards versus 172 with the P790.


This is partly a testament to how good the latest P790 is but in P790 Ti there is an option that will suit a player seeking more help on their iron shots. Through its size alone it will be more stable and efficient on slight off-centre hits and the extra launch while maintaining spin should help slower swing speeds increase carry distance.

The sole interacts with the ground differently too. With the wider sole and a little extra bounce, the clubhead is encouraged to glide rather than dig. This will help the majority of golfers increase the margin for error on the strike.

As a golfer that likes to compress the ball, I found the turf interaction of P790 Ti a little cumbersome, with the extra offset encouraging me to contact the ground a touch too early on occasion.

The other stumbling block is of course the price. Working out at £385 a stick, the P790 Ti represents a big investment in a club that serious, frequent players might find is a touch chunky on their eye and doesn’t offer double the performance of the 2019 P790.