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The Mizuno MP-69 is a pure muscle-back with the same profile and offset as the MP-68. A new 4D muscle pad in the back of the club is more pronounced and locates weight strategically from 3-iron to pitching wedge. This means the shorter irons are designed to appear cleaner and more compact and have a higher centre of gravity for better trajectory control. The trailing edge of the sole features a bevel on it to allow for a cleaner exit from the turf.   

The Mizuno MP-69 irons will suit confident ball-strikers who want plenty of feedback.

When it comes to muscle-back designs the major manufacturers are never going to make huge changes. This is the case with the Mizunon MP-69 and the only real differences are a slightly larger muscle-back and a bevelled back edge. This won’t change the target audience, but very good ball-strikers will notice slightly more forgiveness and better performance in the long irons, particularly on firm turf. Fans of classic blades know what they get from Mizuno, which is a great feel and workability.

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Lots of feedback and plenty of workability mean these are a dream for highly skilled players. Anyone with older sets of Mizuno blades will struggle to justify an upgrade. PGA Pro verdict This classic blade design ?looked great throughout the set, and felt consistent on ?flight and trajectory. It was ?easy to move both ways, and ?I found knock-down shots easy to hit with the long irons. Feel on impact was solid, and the ?4D design lets you know the centre of gravity is optimised for each club. A great iron for anyone who likes to work the ball in flight. Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs