MacGregor V Foil Speed Driving Iron Review

Is this driving iron from MacGregor the best value for money iron on the market?

The back of the MacGregor V Foil Speed Driving Iron
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Clean looks, appealing price tag and superb performance. This V Foil Speed Driving Iron is an unbelievable performer and worthy of five stars out of five

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Forgiving on off-centre strikes

  • +

    Great distance

  • +

    Superb value for money

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Looks aren't the most striking

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driving Iron Review

When it comes to the top end of the golf bag, players are truly spoilt for choice. Currently, individuals have a number of options, which include hybrids, long irons and utility (driving) irons. Although there is no right answer as to which you should play, many will prefer one to the other. If that's the case, then check out our best golf hybrids (opens in new tab) and best distance irons (opens in new tab) guides here.

Now though, this MacGregor V-Foil Speed Driving Iron could be a serious option to add into your bag, with the blend of iron-like workability and control making way for serious forgiveness in your strike.

The MacGregor V Foil Speed Driving Iron being swung

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Testing the MacGregor over multiple rounds, I genuinely can’t think of a shot that was struck poorly, with the thick top-line and black head framing the ball beautifully at the address position. What’s more, it also has plenty of weight behind the face to really build confidence before impact.

When you first pick up the club, it might not be the most striking to look at, however, the all black color with a dash of silver below the grip is certainly very smart. One thing worth noting about the ‘premium custom-matched lightweight graphite shaft’ is that it is rather whippy, which gives off the impression that it is perhaps tapered towards those with slower swings who are looking to get the ball airborne.

During testing though, the whip of the shaft made it very easy to hit and, because the head feels slightly more weighted, the distance off the tee was fantastic when cleanly struck. Even on off-centre strikes it still performed well, with the hollow body and expanded perimeter weighting coming into its own on shots that didn’t find the sweet spot.

The MacGregor V Foil Speed Driving Iron at address with a yellow ball

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Then we come to, arguably, the most impressive factor, the price which, at around $85/£70, is considerably cheaper than the premium models of the Srixon ZX Utility Iron (opens in new tab) and Ping G425 Crossover Utility Iron (opens in new tab). These come in around the $250/£200 mark, more than double the cost of the MacGregor.

Overall, the V-Foil Speed Driving Iron is a fantastic performer that warrants five stars out of five. The look may not be the most striking, but it is clean, with the performance and price putting it amongst the best utility iron golf clubs (opens in new tab) on the market.

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