Lynx Predator Irons

Lynx Predator Irons
Golf Monthly Verdict

A superb entry level set of irons. Very easy to use, the Lynx Predator Irons offer a high flight with plenty of distance. Simple, classic looks combine with genuine forgiveness to offer a set that any golfer would enjoy using.

Reasons to buy
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    The looks are just right - thick enough in the topline to inspire confidence without looking too chunky and hard to control. Plenty of forgiveness throughout the set, all for a great price!

Reasons to avoid
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    Some people will not like the more colourful versions of the irons but the simple black badge is fine. The distance control in the longer irons was a little inconsistent.

Neil Tappin offers his Lynx Predator Irons review to find out how the performance, at an entry level price-point, stacks up against other irons on the market

Lynx Predator Irons - Key Technology

The Lynx Predator Irons are made from stainless steel and are designed to offer a high Moment of Inertia for added forgiveness. They also feature a progressive offset design to make the longer irons easier to square the face - preventing shots from being lost out to the right. They have a chrome finish and are available in four different colour options - black, orange, green and yellow.

Lynx Predator Irons - Our Feedback

Let's start with the looks as this is one area where the Lynx Predator irons really excel. The designers have resisted the temptation of making them too chunky in the topline. Instead, they have a classic profile when looking down at address and offer enough thickness in the topline to feel easy to hit. The different colour options will not be to everyone's taste but the simple black version looks smart and will not put anyone off.

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The performance is extremely solid. Despite being an entry level product there is plenty of forgiveness built in and with that you will also notice very healthy distance numbers. In my own testing, the 8-iron was a couple of yards longer through the air than my own 8 iron but in the 5-iron, I was 12 yards longer... consistently. The only problem was that I hit one shot that was a lot longer than the others and this is something better ball-strikers will need to be wary of. The flight throughout the session and throughout the bag was high and really strong.

The feel on offer was good too. Obviously, if you are thinking about investing in these Lynx irons, you are unlikely to be doing so because of their feel and there are better feeling irons on the market. However, at this entry level price, they feel very solid and the irons get through the turf nicely at impact.

Anyone looking for an entry level set of irons should certainly test these alongside the new Benross HTX Type R irons. They look good in the bag and sit beautifully behind the ball. There is enough distance and forgiveness built in too to really make a difference to your iron game.