In this Honma TWorld XP-1 Iron review, Joel Tadman tests it on the GCQuad launch monitor and the golf course before delivering his verdict

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Honma TWorld XP-1 Iron


  • A premium-looking iron that is very inviting behind the ball. Fast, forgiving and just generally easy to strike cleanly and get the ball up in the air from a variety of lies.


  • The price remains a stumbling block, especially with the graphite shafts, but there is extra performance to be had with them.


Honma TWorld XP-1 Iron


Price as reviewed:

£969.00 (six-piece set)

Clubhouse Golf

Honma TWorld XP-1 Iron Review

Key Technology
– The high-performance design produces impressive distance and accuracy, thanks to a thin, fast clubface throughout the set.
– Hollow long irons feature a tungsten sole weight to assist launch while short irons have a deep cavity for control and precision.
– A high MOI is achieved with a low, deep CG for higher launches and longer carries.

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GM Review

The TWorld XP-1 iron appears to be a faster, more forgiving version of the TWorld747 P iron and the mid-to-high handicapper will definitely appreciate this new level of performance. We’re seeing a trend towards distance irons becoming more compact and the XP-1 is a classic example.

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The TWorld XP-1 is similar to the TWorld747 P model in terms of the shape and limited offset but it does have a thicker topline that inspires confidence without looking clunky. The chrome details add a touch of class, it’s a great looking iron and the performance also impressed.


With a 7-iron loft of 30 °, this is still a club built to offer maximum speed, but we weren’t expecting some shots to exceed 190 yards in carry distance. Honma’s aforementioned P model has the stronger lofts but the XP-1 seemed to be much more user friendly and launches the ball considerably higher with a strong, draw-biased flight.

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It also delivers more ball speed and distance from a wider area with greater accuracy thanks to a more stable clubhead. Spin averaging 5500 rpm will help keep the ball in the air and the light feel also helped us increase our clubhead speed.

The wide sole helped it glide through the turf quickly and increased our margin for error on the strike, especially on slightly heavy contacts.

Many golfers suited to this type of performance will likely notice a better overall feel and even more speed and launch from Honma’s own Vizard graphite shaft options, but need to consider if the extra cost that comes with them is feasible for their budget.


The XP-1 is a very playable set designed to make hitting good iron shots easier and it comfortably exceeded our expectations.