We take the Srixon ZX Hybrid out on course, onto the range and use the launch monitor to give it a thorough test and compare it directly to its rivals.

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Srixon ZX Hybrid


  • High launching, plenty of forgiveness across the face with a pleasing shape and clean aesthetics.


  • All black crown could do with an alignment aid. No adjustability.


Srixon ZX Hybrid


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Srixon ZX Hybrid Review

While Srixon is most famous in the golf industry for its excellent range of golf balls, the golf clubs it has been created over recent years have been competing with some of the best in the game.

Joel Tadman tests the latest hybrid models and compares the performance

The Srixon ZX hybrid aims to continue this trend by offering a club that offers golfers of all abilities something to enjoy here.

The shape of the head sits somewhere in between what we’d think of as a players’ head and a more forgiving head in size.

All in all, it looks compact enough to suit the eye of the better player while its characteristics when hitting the ball offer a player who is seeking forgiveness plenty to enjoy too – the best of both worlds.

From the top, it’s a clean look and the Crown Step used by Srixon isn’t too distracting on the eye, but we feel the all black crown could have done with the accompaniment of a small alignment aid.

Srixon ZX Hybrid Review

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The Crown Step lowers the centre of gravity of the ZX, increasing MOI and optimising launch for a hybrid that is altogether forgiving and easy to launch.

During testing, the launch monitor clearly showed this technology at work and the Srixon ZX was the highest launching hybrid we tested from the 2021 cohort.

This is ideal for the golfer who struggles to get the ball up in the air with their longer clubs or wants to see a higher shot shape with their hybrid and we were impressed with how easily this club gets the ball off the ground.

Alongside the proven high launch of the ZX, Srixon’s rebound frame technology provides golfers with fast, consistent ball speeds across the face, allowing off centre hits to be less punishing out on course.

We certainly felt this during testing and were pleasantly surprised with how far shots that felt close to the heel still carried through the air.

The carry yardage produced by the Srixon ZX didn’t blow us away and it sat closer to the bottom of the table when compared to other hybrid offerings in 2021.

The lack of adjustability is frustrating, but it keeps the cost down and there are plenty of lofts on offer – we like that Srixon is offering a 16° 2-hybrid for those looking to replace a fairway wood or for extra distance from a hybrid.


A solid, clean and unfussy hybrid offering from Srixon. While the distance doesn't stand out, the ease at which this club launches the ball is stand out in its class and will offer golfers who struggle to get the ball off the ground a confidence inspiring club in the bag.