Honma TW 757 Hybrid Review

What does hybrids expert Matthew Moore make of the new Honma TW 757 range?

Honma TW 757 Hybrid Review
(Image credit: Matthew Moore)
Golf Monthly Verdict

A classic looking hybrid with a tour proven profile designed with purists in mind. Long and accurate on test, Honma’s TW 757 proves that bigger is not necessarily better.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Compact tour proven head design

  • +

    Lively fast clubface

  • +

    Stylish headcover

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Stock Honma grip is disappointing

  • -

    High pitched impact sound

Honma TW 757 Hybrid Review

The Honma TW 757 hybrids are new for 2022 and arrive promising faster ball speeds and higher launch thanks to improved Carbon Slot technology in the sole. Honma makes clubs at the high-end of the market, so we were keen to see how its new innovations performed on a launch monitor, at the range and on the course using Titleist ProV1x golf balls.

The model on test was the 21° 4H with the Vizard 50 shaft in stiff. Pull off the headcover and it’s a simple, elegant looking club. The design is compact and classic, white grooves and a clean black carbon crown. Honma doesn’t sign up to the idea that woods need to be oversized to be forgiving and this hybrid is a good example.

There are progressive internal weights placed low in the head and a small sole slot for optimal launch and faster ball speeds. On the launch monitor, numbers were generally good. It launched nicely at 18°, with an average carry of 208 yards and had a total average distance of 221 yards – making it a great replacement for a 3 or 4 iron. Ball speed and spin rate were right there with the best hybrids of 2022.

There were lots of positives in the TW 757 hybrid test. It feels great, a combination of firm and soft, and the lightweight Maraging 455 Steel Cup-Face is lively and responsive. The impact sound is high pitched and maybe too loud for players that like a more muted thwack through the ball.

honma tw757 hybrid

(Image credit: Matthew Moore )

Out on the golf course and on the range, I found this club popped up for me and flew higher than I’d like. You get plenty of stopping power but in windier conditions, I had to work hard to keep the flight down and stop it getting buffeted by the wind. Great on a still day but challenging when conditions worsen.

The shaft is significantly lighter than I’d typically play but was still stable and I never felt close to overpowering it. The stock Honma (TCRN Rubber M60) grip has a hard upper section that will bother anyone who doesn’t play with a glove and for £299 RRP, you’d expect better for your money.

My overall impression is that this is a great addition to the hybrid market and one of the most forgiving hybrids we’ve tested, especially considering its tour inspired profile and design. Available in 3H, 4H, 5H and 6H with lofts ranging from 18° to 27°.